Introduction: Pikachu Doll - Pokémon

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I did this casemod Pikachu to be a cell phone charger wireless, which is inside the Pokeball (this will merit a instructable his alone kk)

this instructable will be very fast because I did not take many pictures of the process, then it will be well summarized

Materials Used:

- Bond Paper 180gr
- Glue Instant Adhesive
- Acrylic Resin
- Mass Plastic
- Mass Rapid
- Primer
- Many Sandpaper
- Automotive Paint

Come on: P

Step 1: Pepakura

First I downloaded the file from Pepakura Pikachu.
Link 3d File:

After opening Pepakura program (,redimensionei the file thus enabling printing the file on paper. The paper that was used to print with SULFITE WEIGHT * 180mg. * The weight is the mass of paper expressed in grams per square meter (gm-2)

After printing, cut out with scissors and pasted with adhesive instant glue so it could well take the form again in 3d (As seen in the pictures above the main gallery).

Step 2: Hardening Part

The process this time was a little different from the casemod Lapras I did, I have not used pikachu in fiberglass, I spent three layers of laminating resin and then I sanded later spent layers of plastic mass and rapid mass to give the finish.
As the intention was for the robotics portion Talking Pikachu inside, I made an opening in his ass, and spent very thin layers of dough in the ass, so do not get too heavy.

Step 3: Painting

For his painting, I bought two colors of automotive paints, the Yellow and brown for the details of the cheek and eyes, I used synthetic spray paint in the colors red, black and white.

First I passed a white spray across the surface with the primer already pikachu, after drying, spent automotive paint with same brush. I started with the yellow, then the details of the back and tail brown and finally the face and ears.

Step 4: Final

To end his presentation, I bought 2 grams synthetic and did Pokeball with a cell phone charger wireless inside.
Well that's it folks, in the gallery of this step'm leaving the video of my talk on casemod I did in Recife edition of Campus Party 2014

Wanted to leave again here thanks to Alexandre Casemonstro who helped me from the beginning with valuable tips: D

Until the next project: D