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Introduction: Pimping a Purchased Pizza

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Yes, we all like the idea of producing every part of the pizza ourselves, but sometimes that is not the best way.

When we saw a prepared pizza at a huge discount at our local supermarket could not resist it.

Then we set about turning the simple basic pizza into our own custom layered pie.

Step 1: Open Up and Cut Up

My wife likes a slightly smaller portion than me, and so the pie is pre cut into segments with one part a little bigger ...for me. pre-cutting has many advantages such as allowing the cheese to flow around edges, crisper edges and of course when cooked the slices are ready to serve.

Step 2: Bacon Strips

The idea is to create a layered pizza rather than the usual scattered style.

We start by cutting up strips of lean bacon. NO fat is included.

Step 3: Bacon Layer

The strips are laid on top of the pre-made store pizza.

They are laid out neatly within each pre-cut section.

Step 4: Mushroom Chop

The prepared mushrooms are placed into a small electric chopper.

Step 5: Mushroom Layer

When the mushrooms have been reduced to lovely spreadable but chunky pieces, they can then be spread over the slices. Note that my wife does not like as much mushroom as me and so the amount is adjusted accordingly.

Step 6: Tomato Preparation

Slice some good sized tomatoes first into thin slices and then into half slices.

Step 7: Tomato Layer

Lay them out neatly around the pizza.

See how this type of arrangement is very good for OCD pizza lovers.

Step 8: Cheese Preparation

Grate your preferred cheese.

For this pizza we chose to have four different cheeses mixed.

Step 9: The Cheese Layer

Use a spoon or your hands to spread the grated cheese over the top. This is the final layer.

We like to stay away from the edges but you may wish to spread that lovely cheese over every part of the pie.

Step 10: Pop the Pizza in the Oven

We use a special pizza tray but any oven-proof plate will do.

Because it was all fresh we only set the oven for 12 minutes.

If you like your pizza more crispy then a little longer would be better for you.

Step 11: Out of the Oven

Is that not a yummy site.

All ready to consume along with your favourite beverage.

Step 12: Your Layered Custom Pizza Is Pimped and Ready to Eat

Mmmm ...the layering the pizza toppings gives a strong visual appeal and tastes better as the flavours mingle in each mouthful.

Pimping a store bought base with your own topping really does produce a yummy pie.


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    sally dee
    sally dee

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good Idea, Thanks! I usually just add Mozzarella and tomatoes. Now I will try other ingredients as well.

    insert username
    insert username

    7 years ago

    Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing!