Pin Cushion - With a Twist

Introduction: Pin Cushion - With a Twist

Hi all.

Finally I decided to take up on sewing classes, even though teacher told me it was to basic for me ( Told me this within 30 minutes into 1st class). At the start of the class she got us to do a pin cushion ( which I already had) but decided to prefect it

Here are the steps...

Step 1: Materials

- Yogurt pot or low Jam jar
- Small piece of fabric
- Filling material ( from pillows)
- Strap
- Velcro
- Thread
- Needle

Step 2: Make the Cushion

Make a Square or Circle for the cushion, Sew it around the edges but leave a small gap within one of the sides (so you can turn it around and fill the cushion) once it's read finish sewing with a thread and needle.
Make a hole in the middle all the way through.

Step 3: Secure Lid & Strap

Put a screw with a washer at top and bottom for strength (so the material does not tear off)

Step 4: Velcro

Sow Velcro on both ends of the strap ( make sure they are all in opposite sides)

Step 5: Store Everything Neatly

You strap will fit snugly inside the yoghurt pot

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    Cool Design! I need to get myself some more pins to justify making one of these... Right now I am making due with a total of eight... Thanks for sharing!