Pin the Hat on the Dino

Introduction: Pin the Hat on the Dino

For my daughters birthday she wants Dinosaurs and tutus (later I will post more with the tutus) and this is my spin on the Pin the Tail on the Donkey which you can basically do with anything their little heart desires!

Step 1: Something Old....

I grabbed an old corkboard we had (You can also use a magnetic board and some scrap paper instead of cork and paint) I painted it with white primer, around 5 coats because the flowers were so bright.

Step 2: The Hats

While my corkboard was drying I used white construction paper to cut out little hat shapes (template I found online for free) and colored one side with marker. Then I laminated them and attached dollar store flat head thumb tacks ( just a tip, put them on the top of the hat otherwise they will swing on there own around).

Step 3: Making Dino

Sorry I don't have a picture of this step! I used my daughters favorite dinosaur and hand drew the shape onto freezer paper. With a crafting knife I cut it out and attached my stencil onto my completely dry corkboard. I used grey acrylic paint and sponged the dino also utilizing a small paintbrush around the edges for straight lines. Now we have a perfect party game that I made out of everything I already had at home spending only a $1 for the tacks! Thanks for letting me share!

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    Fission Chips

    This is really cool, and a great last-minute birthday thing! Nice job on this. I really like the clean, crisp look of the dino stencil.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I am going to make one for a friends sons' birthday that is a cowboy and use mustaches as the pins. There are so many, pin the tail on the mermaid, pin the carrot on Olaf from Frozen, the list goes on and on!