Introduction: Pineapplebob's Sniper Rifle

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This is a sniper rifle made out of knex. It is over 3 feet long and shoots farther than 120 feet. Please comment. PLEASE RATE. Be sure to check the yellow squares on the pics, for they have important information. I got this gun to shoot through a few cola cans and mulitple pieces of cardboard without sharpened rods. I got it to shoot through 16 pieces of cardboard and still, it kept going. This gun's effective range is 110 feet, however it can shoot up to 200 feet. Also, i got it to shoot through 5 cola cans. Once again, i didn't use a single sharpened rod. I did use a sharpened rod when it came to the 16 p;ieces of cardboard, though.Another good side to this gun is that the magazine is really easy to load, so there is no struggling when you're using it to play against your friends (however, i do suggest lowering the power a bit so you do not injure your friend greatly.)

Pieces you will need:


Yellow: 2
Red: 3
Blue: Get 28
Gray: 3
Green: Get 60 or 75
White: Get 30 or 40
Bendy: 2


Yellow: Get 60 or 70
Red: Get 10
Two-slot gray: Get 6
Single-slot gray: Get 30
Orange: Get 40
Green: Get 30
Tabs: 15
White: Get 25
Blue spacers: 65 or 70
Y-connectors: Get 5


Wheel: 1
String: 2
Rubberbands: 20 broccoli rubberbands

Total Pieces: 467 pieces

Step 1: The Barrel

This is the barrel of the gun. It is almost exactly like Gorkem's barrel but it has a different end to it.

Step 2: The Cover

This is a cover to the barrel. It shouldn't be that hard to understand. Don't build the hidden magazine yet.

1: The Completed Cover
2+3: Make Two Of These
4: Make These
5: Attach Them Here
6: Slide The Third One Through Here
7: Attach The Second Frame. Add the connectors
8: Make two of these
9: Attach one here
10: Attach one here too

Step 3: Brace

This keeps the wheel on the barrel sturdy.

Step 4: The Magazine

This is a hidden magazine. I made it hidden because i didn't like how the magazines on other sniper rifles jutted out of the barrel.

1+2: Loading
3: Make These
4: Add The First One Here
5: Add The Second One
6: Attach A Red Connector Between The Two Magazine Sides

Step 5: The Center

This is the center of the gun.
1: Build This
2: Add It Here
3: Make 5 Of These
4: Connect Them Like So
5: Make This
6: Attach It Here
7: Make This
8: Attach It Here

Step 6: The Handle

1: Make These
2: Attach It Here
3: Make These
4: Connect Them Here
5: Make Two Of These
6: Make Three Of These
7: Attach It Like So
8: Finished Product
9: Attach Handle Where Shown

Step 7: The Trigger and String Attachments.

The trigger is the same as the one on Gorkem's sniper rifle. The string attachment is the same, too.

Step 8: The Stock and Butt

The stock is quite short. The butt is very comfortable and fits right under your arm. It is strong, so you can lean against it.

Step 9: Loading and Firing

1: The Firing Pen is a gray rod with an orange connector on it. Add two rubberbands and stretch them from the orange connector to the end of the barrel.
2: Tape the orange connector so it will stay sturdy.
3: Slip a string through the hole in the orange connector and double knot it.
4: Add four blue rods in the magazine as shown in step 4.
5: Attach a rubberband onto the block trigger.
6: Grab the string and pull it back. The string pulls the firing pen back. When the firing pen is back far enough, the block trigger will fall down into place, blocking the firing pen from moving back further into the barrel. At the same time, the blue rod from the magazine should fall down onto the tan connectors.
7: Pull the real trigger, pulling back the block trigger and launching a blue rod at anything infront of you. (I am not responsible for who or what you launch this at. Any injuries will be you own fault. Do not shoot at animals.)
8:Repeat until magazine is empty, then refill.

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