Ping Pong Ball Cannon




Introduction: Ping Pong Ball Cannon

This is a fun project to do with PBC and a valve.

You need:

copper wire / rubber mallet / pressure gauge / nozzle for air compression / PVC pipe / battery pack / on-off switch / drill / 9volt batteries / quick dry glue / tape measure / hack saw / sharpie marker / sautering gun / electrical tape / sprinkler valve.

Step 1: Cut&Drill

For the cutting part of this project, I used a hack-saw to cut a long piece of PVC. You could use a miter saw, but you risk chipping the pipe instead of cutting all the way through. Also, you need a drill or drill-press to make a hole in the back so you can put the nozzle through it. After drilling one hole, drill the hole for the pressure gauge.

Step 2: Electrical Work

To put together the valve, you need to sauter the wire ends to the top of the pack. Then connect the wires to the two copper wires. You also need to sauter the ends of the copper wires so they don't touch. Last thing is to put the batteries in and your done.

Now. If you don't want to have an electronic on it, that's fine. You just need to buy a regular twist valve.

Step 3: Putting Together

This part, you want to put all of your pieces together for a dry-fit so you know it works. Then, you want to glue the pieces together and let them dry
When all of your pieces are dry. Hot glue the battery pack to the middle of the project with the wires together with electrical tape.The sprinkler valve should work if you flip the switch on and off now that the batteries are connected.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Very nicely done!


    4 years ago

    If the pressure is at 20%, it can shoot it about 20 to 30 feet away.


    4 years ago

    Very cool looking cannon. Have you measured how far it can shoot a ping pong ball?