Introduction: Pinnöppel

Pinnöppel is a simple but funny german game.

Step 1: Material and Tools

You need:

- A wooden box

- Round timbers (1m long, 1,8 cm thick)

- Wood panel

- glue

- saw

- sandpaper

- a drill (2 cm thick)

- permanent maker

- dice

- boiled linseed oil (if you want)

Step 2: The Pinnöppel

First the round timbers are sawed to a length of 7cm.

Then sanding the edges well. This are the Pinnöppel.

Step 3: The Interground

Solves the lid of the box.
From the wood panel is a piece cut that exactly fits into the lid. Grinds also the edges carefully.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Drilled in the lid six holes.

Sets the wood board in the lid and marks one of the holes. Then this is also drilled. Be careful, because it must fit exactly about a hole in the lid. Then sanding off the edges.

Step 5: The Lid

Glues a few equally large wood residues in the corners of the lid.

Then on it you glue the wood panel. Pays attention that the hole lies in the exactly about the hole of the wood panel.

Fixed the lid again to the box.

Step 6: The Numbers

Marks the lid.

Writes to the holes a number from one to six. The six has to go to the hole which completely goes by, so also by the interground. You can write the other numbers simply at random all around.

The stroke with the name of the game comes to the middle.

I have all written with a permenant maker, you can also engrave it. Unfortunately, I have no suitable tools.

I have rubbed the wood with linseed oil varnish, but this is your choice.

Step 7: Have Fun!

Here are the rules:

Every player gets 5 Pinnöppel (rod).

The first player throws the dice and puts a Pinnöppel in the hole intended for it according to the number. In a 6 the Pinnöppel falls through the hole in the box and is out of the game. If a player hits an occupied hole, he must take the Pinnöppel.

Who has no more Pinnöppel, wins.

I apologise for my bad English.

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