Introduction: Pipe Clamps 4foot Under 12$

I made these four foot pipe clamp for about 12$ Canadian. The end product works well with good clamping force.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


x2 4 foot long 1/2 inch metal pipe

A few feet of 2x4

x2 five inch eye bolt and matching nuts

x2 1 1/2 inch eye bolts and matching nuts

Glue (wood and Krazy)

x2 3/4 inch screws


Circular saw

Drill and Drill bits

screw driver

Step 2: Cutting the Jaws

Mark a line on a piece 2x4 were you want to rip it. The length of the jaws is up to you and what your using them for. I made mine different sizes because one piece was scrap wood I had. I then used the circular saw to cut half of it when it was clamped to a table. Then I simply turned it around and finished the cut.

Step 3: Drilling the Jaws for the Pipe

In one jaw drill a hole the outside diameter of the pipe, all the way through. In the other jaw drill it about half way through the jaw. Repeat this for the other set of jaws.

Step 4: Drill Holes for the Eye Bolts

Drill holes for the five inch eye bolts, in the jaws with holes for the pipes all the way through, place the holes on the opposite side off the jaws. Then counter sink a hole for the bolt on the top of the jaw. Repeat a similar action for the smaller eye bolts and nuts on the back side of the jaw (the side with the hole for the pipe). Glue the nuts in the holes, I made some wood fill with my sawdust and put it around the nuts filling the gaps.

Step 5: Final Assemble

Glue the top Jaw on to the pipe, and drill a hole through the jaw and the pipe. Screw a screw in. I just chopped a one inch stick I had laying around, into two soft jaws. Drill part way through the soft jaws to fit the end of the eye bolt, and glue it on the end.

Step 6: Finished Product

They work great, I put maybe and hour of work into these (not counting the time for glue to dry). Please leave any thoughts and ideas in the comments, and thanks for reading.

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