Introduction: Pirate Game


Yellowbeard the pirate is on a mission to capture vast amounts of treasure from the King of Spain. The King's Navy has sent 5 men-of-war to the New World to protect his treasure, which is held on a number of islands. But the Navy has no idea from which of 11 harbours the pirate ship has departed, and its movements are cloaked in secrecy. The only clue to the pirates' location is when a treasure chest goes missing, or occasionally when the pirate ship is spotted through the telescope. Yellowbeard's goal is to steal 6 treasure chests and escape to a safe harbour without being sunk by one of the Navy's vessels.

Components of the Game :

1 x Map ( This can be printed on 2 x A4 sheets and glued onto stiff cardboard backing.)

10 x Treasure Chests - cardboard tokens to fit squares on the map.

11 x Marine garrison cardboard tokens ( 5 x Open Ports & 6 x Closed Ports )

5 x Navy ship cardboard tokens

1 x Pirate ship cardboard token

1 x 6-sided die

Step 1: Pdf Files

The rules are detailed in Piracy.pdf, the playing tokens are illustrated in Tokens 1.pdf. and the map is Pirate Map.pdf . Secret Map.pdf is the record of the Pirate's moves.

NOTE : The Marine garrison tokens are double-sided, with the blue anchor crest on one side and a Port Open / Closed symbol on the back.

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