Introduction: Planing Sled From Scrap for Half an Hour

I made it from a scrap of plywood and two bars from old couch or something else.


  • Piece of plywood about 700x600x4 mm (half of it was used)
  • Two bars about 50x40x800 mm each
  • PVA glue
  • Two dozens of screws


  • Router +copy bit and plane bit
  • Cordless drill +countersink, PZ2 screwdriver bit, 4mm drill bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • 4 spring clamps

Step 1:

Place and clamp 1st bar along long side of plywood sheet, then put another on the distance of router base with 3-5mm clearance. Outline bars. Turn sheet with clamped bars and draw bars center lines for drilling on the other side. Remove clamps and drill holes. Firstly I drill holes with 100 mm space, later (you'll see it in next step) I add screws in between, so finally they placed with 50mm space.

Tip: when you make holes for flat head screws - first countersink, then drill.

Step 2:

Glue bars to the plywood sheet, clamp them to prevent sliding then fasten with screws. It looks a little weak to me, so I add more screws.

Step 3:

Cut off plywood along bars. I had used the router and copy bit for that.

Step 4:

Make a slot with a flat bit. I took the biggest in my set so it will fits to all others.

That's all. It's not such precise or universal as many router sled projects here, but it was made in less than hour from scrap wood and this sled helped me a lot in making cutting board and bench.