Introduction: Plant Seeds Inside Hair!

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It all began when a friend shared a post: "Did you Know .. Cornrows were used to help slaves escape slavery?" and ended with "They would also use seeds as decoration in the hair, but would later plant the seeds and grow their own crop."

Oh my God! I am obsessed with this hairstyle 💚! I have never thought it might have an awesome story like this (if that is even true .. TBF, I have nooo idea).

But Wait! ✋

but would later plant the seeds and grow their own crop

I can grow plants inside my hair? .. 😮 WOOOOOW!

I have to do some search. I cannot find anyone suggesting using hair as a soil. Yet, I found this paper

The paper mentioned :

Hair waste from most of these units can be used as fertilizer.

My curiosity is driving me 😼 .. Can I do more? OK, I will use hair waste 🐈 to grow seeds inside.


What you will need

  • Fluffy cat hair waste
  • Plastic cup
  • Fenugreek seeds (or any)
  • Water

P.S. Do not ever abuse your lovely cat . Just check its (brush - fluffy comb or whatever) to get the waste. I am lucky enough to find it everywhere .

Step 1: Prepare the Soil

Lay some of the hair waste inside the cup.

Step 2: Seeds

Sow seeds directly.

Step 3: Water the Seeds

Keep the soil (in this case, the hair waste) moist.

Step 4: Keep Monitoring Your Plant

Keep watching your plant every day. And do not forget to water it.

Step 5: [Optional]: Check the Soil Level

In case you find the plant needs more levels of soil (hair waste) - to let the root grow in, add more levels. Most probably not, fenugreek is shallow rooted.

Step 6: [Obligatory] Enjoy

Enjoy! 😊 and Stay Curious! 🙈 May You Have A Nice Day!

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