Planter Box

Introduction: Planter Box

A way to set your garden apart from the rest is by having planter boxes. These boxes allow for a unique design and an organized look to your garden. They also allow you to have a garden in any location you desire. Our motivation to complete this assignment began when our instructor bestowed upon us the responsibility of creating this object. It was then that we decided to tackle this project.

Step 1: Decide Specifications and Gather Supplies

When creating a planter box you must decide the specifications( criteria and constraints). Once you've finalized these details you must acquire the needed supplies to complete this project.

Criteria and Constraints:

1. 21"x17"- Using 2x4's and plywood

2. Screws- 60

Step 2: Preparing Materials

1. To begin first gather all needed materials and keep them in specified area that is easily accesible and unobstructive to your work area. You will also need to take all necessary safety precautions in order too minimize workplace acciodents. This would include goggles,gloves, and other safety equipment.

2. Secondly you need to cut your wood or whatever building material is being used to your desired dimensions. In our project our wood is being cut in 2 different measurements. 4 pieces will be cut to measure 21" for the length and 4 pieces will be cut to measure 17" for the length.

3. Depending on the thickness of the wood you will need screws that can penetrate the first piece of wood and penetrate into the second piece of wood allowing them to be held together by the screw.

4. You will need many tools but the most important will be the power drill

Step 3: Construction

Start off by making the bottom of the box 21" with a square structure

then put the 17" wooden planks up from the bottom of the structure by drilling screws into it

Next add another 21" square structure to the top of the planter box

Finally nail a piece of plywood underneath to keep the dirt from escaping

Step 4: Feedback

All in all this box wasn't too difficult to construct, but in a future project we wouldn't wait till the final day to construct the object. Instead, we would take our time and construct the project carefully and with greater efficiency. Also, buying more wood to compensate for mistakes made during construction would be beneficial. This is a fun project and it's something I'd recommend to a young engineer or anyone interested in having a planter box in their garden. It is not impossible to create and it will provide great experience to anyone that attempts to construct it.

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