Planting a Raspberry Bush

Introduction: Planting a Raspberry Bush

Here is a great way to start a red raspberry patch.

You will need:

A tiller


A shovel

Raspberry bushes

Step 1: Till the Ground

Start by tilling up the area where you want to plant your bushes.

You want the soil to tilled at least 1 ft deep.

Step 2: Mix in Compost

Add some compost to the tilled area to supply nutrients to the soil.

Mix it in thoroughly with the tiller.

Step 3: Dig a Hole to Plant

Using the shovel dig a hole where you want the plant to grow.

The whole should be deep enough to have the root ball raised above the ground by 3 inches as the compost will sing over time.

Step 4: Plant the Bush

Place the plant's root ball into the whole.

Pack soil around the root ball so that the soil is raised 3 inches around the ball to provide protection for the plant.

Pack the soil down around the bush.

Water regularly,and it will start to grow.

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