Introduction: Plantpot Dog Dishes

It's recommended by many that large dogs have a raised dog dish to feed from, and whilst there are some excellent ones on the Instructables site, I wanted something simple to make.

I found a couple of plant pots at a local shop for just £1 each, and I will now show you how I converted them into simple raised pet dishes.

Step 1: Materials Needed

30cm (12") plant pots,

Dog dish,

Marker pen,

Dremel or similar tool.

Step 2: Making the Dish Holder

Turn the plant pot upside down, and invert the dog dish onto it.

Draw around the plant pot with the marker pen, this gives you the correct depth to cut the pot.

Using a saw on the Dremel, cut around the pot.

Sand the rough edges off.

Step 3:

The dog dish will now fit into the upturned plant pot,

just fill and get your dogs seal of approval!

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