Plastic Bag Holder Made From an Old Feed Bag

Introduction: Plastic Bag Holder Made From an Old Feed Bag

I had an old fabric feed bag that had holes in it, faded and wasn't worth anything but rags. BUT I love vintage pieces So........I decided I wanted to recycle it into projects around the house, to fit into my farmhouse decor!

Step 1: Cut Feed Bag

1. First, cut your fabric to the size you want. I only have a few plastic bags so I Cut my fabric/ feed bag 14"x 18" inches. It was a tad narrow.

2. Next, Iron the fabric.

3. Last, Cut a piece of elastic for the bottom. Size will depend on your size of your bag. I cut my piece to 10 inches so i can have a bunch look at the bottom. You can trim elastic later if it is too big.

Step 2: Pin and Sew

1. First, pin the elastic and fabric together. Like a sandwich...fabric, elastic, fabric....

2. Second, Sew one end of the elastic and fabric together using a zigzag stitch. Turn your bag to sew down the stitch to enclose the elastic.

3. Next, sew the fabric so the elastic is encased in the fabric.

4. Then, Pull the elastic until you get the opening/stretch you want. (depending on the size)

5. Last, Sew up the side of the bag holder to the top.

Step 3: Add the Strapes

1. First,add the straps. I used left over fabric. I had two styles, i went with the thin LONG strap so i can hang it easier.

2. Next, sew the straps inside the holder on each side with a zigzag stitch.

3. Last, place plastic bags inside and hang.

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    3 years ago

    Very nice. I made a similar bag holder years ago . . but using some funky old fabric like you did would have made mine much nicer. I like your style! : )