Introduction: Plastic Bag Knife Handle

My favourite fishing knife"s handle broke off.
I did not want to throw it away so i made a plan.

The plastic bag is melted over the wooden handle that broke off.
Using the existing handle makes the job simpler.

If the handle is missing then just wrap a bag over the shaft and melt.

Then wrap a few more bags over that bag and only melt the last bag.

This gives you a semi soft handle to hold onto.

Step 1: Broken Handle Knife

The metal pins have all broken that held the handle on.

Step 2: Prepar the Bag

Any plastic shopping bag will work.

I have even used black garbage bags.

Either use the bag as it is and fold it or cut it into strips.

Wrap the bag around the handle.

Step 3:

I have used a candle to heat the plastic in the past but I find that it takes a bit long.

I use a gas stove set on low. You want it to be hot but not so hot that you cannot touch it.

I heat the plastic and then quickly squeeze it with my hand to shape it.
Its hot but not hot enough to burn my hand.

The plastic and the blade will get HOT. Use gloves if you dont want to burn.

A few passes over the flame and the plastic shrivels up and gets hard.

Do this on all the sides till you are satisfied.

Step 4: All Done

Trim off any loose plastic pieces.

The axe handle has about 5 shopping bags wrapped around it.

I then wrapped a black refuse bag around them and heated it to shrink it all together.

This gave me a sturdy handle but with a slight spongy feel.