Introduction: Plastic Container Out of Plastic Bottles.

4 days ago I moved to a new house and gave a lot of my stuff away in the process, I spent countless hours moving boxes up and down floors. When everything was finally where it should I talked to one of the members of my family and they told me that they didn't have a place where to put some of their things like pens, pencils, scissors, chargers, markers, etc. When they told me this I came up with an idea to make some plastic bottle containers for them to put their stuff in. The only things I needed for this project were some scissors and several plastic bottles with caps.

Step 1:

I grabbed 3 plastic bottles from the recycling bin, cleaned them out, and got to work. The first thing I had to do to make the Plastic bottle containers was to of course cut all of them in a way for certain things to be able to fit. I decided to use 3 coke bottles to make the containers, I had to cut each of the bottles at a different height for it to look distinguished and so that they all don't look the same.

Step 2:

Once I cut the bottles in the different heights the next thing I have to do is to cut the edges of the bottles to make them have a round shape around the edges, I could also use paint and markers to decorate the plastic containers so that they look more captivating and creative.

Step 3: Final Results

The final thing I had to do was put stuff inside the plastic containers and use the other half of the cut plastic bottles to cover the bottle up and keep anything inside safe. In conclusion, this little project helped me open up my mind and creativity and also introduced me to the world of designing where I can share the work I create with others. To add on this was also a learning experience for me, I learned to use what I have around me to create new things.