Introduction: Plastic Soda Bottle Jetpack

Their are so many ways we are able to reuse plastic soda bottles instead of simply throwing them in the garbage bin. I will be showing you how to make your very own extremely awesome, simple and easy to make and definately fun to play with Jetpack. This is the perfect project for some parent and child bonding ...Lets not waste anymore time. Let the fun begin.....


You will need the following:

* Two 2 liter plastic soda bottles
(I used Jive soda bottles but any other will do)

* 1 can of spray paint
(colour you prefer your jetback to be)

* Hot glue
* Sturdy piece of cardboard
(big enough to fit bottles lying side by side)
* 40.5cm of 2.5cm elastic
* Stapler
* Felt (Red and Yellow)
(I opted to draw flames on paper and paint them)

* 2 Small paper cups
* Craft paint
(colour of your choice)
* Paint brush
* Scrap Paper (optional)

Step 1: Spray Paint

Spray paint both the soda bottles with your desired colour of spray paint and set aside to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Paint

Using your paint brush and desired colour of craft paint, paint the outside of both the small paper cups. Set tbe cups aside to dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Flames

Using either your red and yellow felt or scrap paper and scissors carefully cut out shapes of fire flames as many as you prefer to use for your jetpack exhaust. If you opted to use scrap paper like i did and the paper is not in red and yellow colour then use your paint brush and craft paints to colour the your flames in red and yellow. Allow painted paper flames a moment to dry.

Step 4: Exhaust System

To construct the exhaust firing system heat up your hot glue gun. When the glue has reached melting point apply dmall amounts of glue to the inside of each cup and stick your cut out felt or paper flames to the inside of the cup. Repeat the process for both cups. Ensure the flames are long enough to flutter

Step 5: Construct Soda Bottles Pack

Using your hot glue gun apply hot glue vertically down the sturdy cardboard and attach one soda bottle upside down to the cardboard. Repeat process for both soda bottles. The soda bottles are now firmly attached to the cardboard.

Step 6: Attach Exhaust

Gently apply pressure to the bottom of the paper cup forcing it outward and you are left with both ends of the paper cup being open. Do this for both paper cups. Using your hot glue gun apply hot glue around the neck of the soda bottle and apply the smaller opening over the bottle neck stick it down. repeat process for the other cup. Your cups aka exhausts should now be attached to the bottles with the flames flowing freely at the other end.

i have attached a strip of paper 5cm wide and 30cm long in the same colour as my exhausts and hot glued it

horizontally across the centre of the bottles and glued a silver star to the top of the strip merely for decoration purpose and is not a requirement in the making of the jetpack. You can therefore apply whatever decoration you want to...

Step 7: Attaching the Straps

Cut 2 pieces of 30cm elastic. Using your stapler secure one end of the elastic to the top back side of the cardboard and the other end of the elastic directly below on the bottom end of the cardboard. Do the same with second piece of elastic but on the other end of the cardboard. You have now successfully applied straps to your jetpack.

CONGRATULATIONS.... you have successfully completed your jetpack. Hope you had lots of fun with this project

Step 8: