Introduction: Plastic Bag Origami

Instead of having an exploding bag monster in your cupboard, why not fold your empty plastic bags into little triangles? It's simple, makes your bags neat and tidy, and is also kind of relaxing to do :)

The only thing you need is a bag! Or probably a whole bag of bags, just lying around in a big mess.

Step 1: Bag on Surface

Place the bag on a flat surface, such as a table.

Step 2: Flatten the Bag

Flatten the bag. I tuck one finger into the doubled-over part at the bottom of the bag, and grasp the handle with the other hand, then pull to straighten it. Do this on both sides and smooth the bag flat, starting at the bottom and pushing the air out.

Step 3: Fold...

Fold the bag in half lengthwise, and flatten again by pushing the air out of the bag.

Step 4: Fold Again...

Fold the bag lengthwise again.

Step 5: Fold Into Triangles

Starting at the base of the bag, fold the bottom edge up to align with a side of the bag (it doesn't matter which way you go). Now you have a little triangle at the long end of the bag. Fold again, in the direction of the handle end, maintaining the triangle shape. Now fold the triangle over again, and continue to fold until you reach the beginning of the handle.

Step 6: Final Fold

Gather the handle area that remains, and tuck the whole thing into the pouch created by the final triangle fold.

Step 7: Complete!

You now have a neat little triangle instead of a messy bag. Keep going with all of your bags! Nice work.

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