Play Doom 2 (or Any Other Shooter) With an Umbrella and a Makey Makey




Introduction: Play Doom 2 (or Any Other Shooter) With an Umbrella and a Makey Makey

In this instructable I will show how to play Doom 2 with an umbrella and your body, using Makey Makey.

Step 1: The Materials

You will need a Makey Makey, a tin foil, an umbrella, some wires, some alligator clips, two broomsticks, a stool, tapes and a copy of Doom 2 or any other shooter.

Step 2: How the Makey Makey Works

The makey makey is simple: you need to plug in the alligator clips or wires in the given keyboard key you want, and have at least one clip grounded in the earth section of it.

In the picture above I have the white clip connected to the mouse click, the gray and green clips connected to the left and right arrow keys, the black clip connected to the ground and two wires connected to the W and S keys on the lefts side.

The keys will be activated when you (or something conductible) touch both ground and keys wires/clips, creating a electrical circuit. In this tutorial I will use 2 grounds, one for me and other for the umbrella. Let's start with the umbrella.

Step 3: Setting Up the Umbrella to Turn the Camera Around

You need something to get the broomsticks stable. In my case I have flipped a stool upside down and taped all together.

After that, you need to cover the top of the broomstick with tin foil, and stick the alligator clips for left arrow in the left broomstick and the right arrow key in the right broomsick (gray and green in the picture above).

Cover the tip of the umbrella in tin foil and connect one ground wire to it. When you touch the tin foil covered tip of the umbrella in the tin foil in the broomsticks, you will trigger left and arrow keys, which in the case of Doom 2 moves the camera around.

Step 4: Setting Up Shoot and Open Doors With the Umbrella

You will need other ground wire to make actions with the touch of your body. Remember to make sure this ground is connected to you.

Now that you are the ground, you need to make some "button" with tin foil that you will use to open doors.

Connect the mouse click input to the umbrella cable, and the space input to the button you created. When you touch the cable you will shoot, and the button you will open the doors.

Step 5: Moving the Player Around

To move the player around you will need to use the WASD inputs of the makey makey. You can't connect the alligator clips in them, but you can connect any other wire that fits in it. They work pretty much as any other makey makey input.

After plug in the wires, make two tin foil "pedals" and connect the W and S keys in one of each. One will move forward and the other will move backwards when you step on them. Remember to be barefoot, as you shoes and socks are not conductible. If you don't want to be barefoot, just cover you shoes with tin foil and ground both of them.

To move sideways connect wires to the A and D key inputs and to the tin foils on the sides of your waist. You will move left and right by making contact with your elbows to the tin foil. Put something between the tin foil and your shirt, beacuse if the tin foil is too close to your skin, it can interfere with the circuit and cause false positives.

Step 6: Make It Better and Have Fun!

Now you have full control of almost all doom 2 inputs. You can't change weapons yet, but feel free to implement this somehow, and take this as a challenge! If you want to implement this to modern games that use mouse movement, know that makey makey has mouse movement and left/right mouse click inputs. Have fun!

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