Play Kitchen Table From Recycled Wood

Introduction: Play Kitchen Table From Recycled Wood

We are currently enrolled in West Broward High School, and we wanted to help our school by creating needed objects for our school programs. Fortunately, our schools Early Childhood Program was needing a outdoor kitchen set for the toddlers in the program. They needed this to teach the younger generation and years to come, how to behave and work in a kitchen setting. We wanted to help out he Program by using our wood working skills to create a kitchen set from recycled wood, instead of going out and spending money on the item.

Step 1: Measurements

Initially, we sent someone to speak with the teacher at Early Childhood to discuss the exact parameters they wanted for the kitchen set. They drew the set, along with all the measurements to give us an idea of what they wanted. We received the measurements and built accordingly to their likeing.

Step 2: Gather Materials

Knowing exactly what they expected, we gathered materials that were laying around in the lab and judged their usages accordingly.

Step 3: Building the Supports(Legs)

We first started off building the legs of the table so it would be able to support the kids interaction on the table. The legs have a flat wooden piece added at the bottom because our goal is to bury the legs into the sand so it would be stable in Florida's windy weather.

Step 4: Connecting the Legs Together and Installing of the Top

To keep the legs together and hold the weight of the children leaning on the kitchen set we used 2X4’s to connect the legs together to support the top(counter top). We also add another 2x4 down the center of the table to add support down the middle of the counter top, so the wood wouldn't be so flimsy. Then we installed our 22 inch (wide) by 58 inch(length) plywood piece for the counter top of the project.

Step 5: Installing the Play SInks

We had received square buckets from the Early Childhood Program, that were supposed to act as sinks for the children to play in. This play sink also had to be easily removable so the cleaning process would be much easier on the teachers. We then had to cut two 11 inch by 14 inch holes on the counter top so the buckets would be able to sit in place. While at the same time be easily removable for cleaning purposes.

Step 6: Adding the Back Piece

Based off the drawings, from the Early Childhood Program, they wanted a backboard to be able to hang all the children's play pots and pans. So for us to create the backboard we had to install three 2x4's towards the back, on the counter top to add support to the backboard and keep it firmly in place. This then would allow us to install hooks so the teachers of the program have a place to hang the toy pots and pans.

Step 7: Adding a Shelf

Also from the drawings we can clearly see they would like us to install a shelf to store more toys/items. So we got another piece of plywood that was 1/2 inch thick to help support holding thicker items. We then cut out this plywood to be the same exact length as the counter top to act as the self to hold children's items. At first we installed 4 "L" brackets to hold the self in place but the program had requested that the self needed to be easily removable for cleaning purposes. So we installed a track made from lament wood scraps because the surface on lament wood wouldn't cause as much friction when pulling the self out. We also installed the track so the self would easily slide out in stead of having to pick it up off the brackets we installed. Then lastly, we installed a piece of wood on the backside of the track so the self could only be pulled out one way. This way is would be less likely for one of the children to pull out self and it falling, possibly injuring or damaging their items.

Step 8: Painting and Installing the Hooks

The last step was to paint the wood so it would be able to withstand the heavy amount rain we receive in Florida. So we used a wood stain that would seal up any cracks while protecting the wood from the rain and dirt, allowing it to last many years for the school. After painting we installed the hooks so the children have areas to hang the pots and pans or any other item of their choosing to hang from the backboard.

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    7 years ago

    Just wait until they try to wash the cat. From the been there department.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! I'm sure the kids will love this play table for many years to come!