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Introduction: Playing With Junk P-1

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The very first time my mom let me play outside all alone, without supervision of my older brother, I went to the nearest garbage bin to research for the treassures it was holding. It also was the last time my mom has left me playing alone outside, without supervision of my older brother.

I'm an old man now. I have an beer belly and I don't understand modern music. I;m getting more grumpy every day and modern youth scares me, but fortunatelly I have only ten years left to live, so this torture won't last long. What? Modern life expectancy for a male is not 40 years??? Since when?! Achient Egypt?.. Damn it!

Anyway, my interest in junk still remains strong, and I'm allways intrigued to tackle my creative strings thinking what can I make out of it. And a big part of the creative process is just to get the stuff and play with it, combining different materials, techniquess and brainstorming on what use can be made of the results.

This instructable is dedicated exactly to this process. Some of the results I've already posted in me recent instructables, but other ideas are still waiting for their incarnations. So, let's play with some junk.

Step 1:

I have a whole bunch of bicycle inner tubes, which were provided to me by local bicycle workshop for free, so I've been trying to do different things with those.

One of the ideas I've had was to make something like a rug by putting pebbles inside the tubes, and weaving those into a flat structure afterwards. Stones are secured and separated within a tube with narrow rubber band. The same rubber band coupled later with another one serves to hold perpendicular tube. This way a grid pattern can be achieved.

I'm not sure as to how suitable this thing for a rug, but it do some usefull job (probably). It's pretty heavy and I can imagine it's being used for weighting something down, like, for example a compost pile simmultaniously protecting it from being undone by wind and disrupted by animals scavanging for food remains.

Step 2:

The second piece incorporates regular garden hose.

A series of holes are punched in the inner tube, and then the tube is pulled on a series of garden hose segments.

I can imagine a whole rug made this way, although it probably will take a lot of inner tubes. Maybe it'll be good for cleaning your shoose from mud.

Step 3:

This piece is also composed from bicycle inner tubes and garden hose. It's flrxible and can be turned into a cilinder... for whatever reason.

Maybe, vibration dumpening rugs can be made this way.

I also have made a rug using inner tubes and plastic bags in the same way recently. You can see it in this instructable:

Step 4:

I have no ideas as to any practical implementations of this thing. But it feels... interesting in your hand.

Step 5:

This piece ls pretty much useless as well, but it looks interesting and, I imagine, this technique can be implemented in costume making.

The holes were punched first in sections of bicycle inner tubes. Then they were connected together with cut-off neck parts of plastic bottles.

To cut the bottle necks I used this video as a guide:

Step 6:

Similar result can be achieved using shampagne corcs.

Step 7:

I found these scissors on a flea market some time ago. They are used for cutting fabric (I guess) but you can make these fancy looking rubber bands as well. I don't know why.

Step 8:

And now, here's this thing. I also have no idea on any practical usage for it yet, but it looks cool.

Basically, you put recular corcks inside the inner tube alternating their position. I haven't developed a sufficient technique for it either, so it's a pain in the ass to make these things as well.

Maybe it's the ultimate body massager?..

Step 9:

Anyway, these are all of my junk experiments for now, but most certainly I'll have some more in the future. Some, may result in finished products - I'll make a propper instructable then. Other's... maybe not. But this is it for today< thanks for your attention and a have a nice junk.

I'm writing instructables for two years now and realy enjoy doing this. And if you enjoy, what I'm doing, you can help me to evolve. Take a look at my Amazon wish list or send me an Amazon gift card using my email: Any couple of bucks will help.

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    3 years ago

    Playing with junk is the best!
    I like the objects you made, they do not need practical use, it' s art in my opinion, but I ' m sure they could have many practical applications... for now they make great sensory fidgetthings :)

    Waldemar Sha
    Waldemar Sha

    Reply 3 years ago

    Good point. I havent't thought of it being aimed for playful porpouses, and sensory toys are a thing.


    3 years ago

    Those are some cool structures / designs. I like watching all of your different experiments with reuse. :)