Introduction: Playstation 4 VR Headset Simple Wall Mount for Under $10

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This is a very quick and easy anyone can do this PlayStation 4 VR wall mount You also can use this to hang headphones off of which I will be doing I’m going to put another one on top of this one

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need anchors with screws A stud finder A hammer A screwdriver or a drill and a few pieces of foam Some clear tape and four pieces of two sided tape And the main part a shelf mount they are many different kinds wood Metal plastic different styles you can choose Just make sure the VR headset will fit on there you just need to buy one

Step 2: Hanging Up the Wall Mount

Hanging up the wall mount is very easy it’s the same way you would do if you were hanging It up to put a shelf on it except you’re putting it upside down Use the stud finder to find one stud You can use your hammer Screwdriver or drill To put the anchors in the wall Then put the shelf bracket up Most of them just have three screws

Step 3: Add the Foam

This is where you can get a little creative( I’m actually going to update this part I’m going to put small piece of leather over the foam) but for now get a piece of foam just large enough to fit the headset so when it rest on the wall it does not scratch the wall and more importantly it will not scratch the VR headset You could hang it up on the wall many ways I find it easy just to get four pieces of two sided tape one on each corner and hang it Then take another small piece of foam wrap it around the bracket where the VR headset will rest put a piece of clear tape over it to hold it in place

Step 4: Hang the Playstation 4 VR Headset

That is it quick easy inexpensive you can do this for under $10 it depends what kind a shelf bracket you get the one I used cost 2 dollars at Walmart and that was for two of them I had anchors and screws here tape and everything else the foam I used was from something I got from Amazon it had foam in the box I used that but you can buy foam for a few dollars So altogether I really spent 2 dollars And like I said earlier I will be upgrading this I’m going to wrap the foam in leather Thank you hope you enjoyed

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