Introduction: Playtree for Budgies With PIR MOTION-SENSOR and MP3-shield.

With this playtree your birds will have fun and they can learn words and songs you like.

Step 1: What You Need and Making the Tree

for budgies. With PIR-motion sensor and a distance sensor.

You will need:




- Male to female wires

- 1x Breadboard

- 2x Micro servo motor

- 1x Buzzer

- 1x MP3 shield

- 1x mini-SD CARD

- Funny songs or MP3 files to upload. (9 files)

- Speaker with mini-jack input ( I used a JBL )

- 12x AA batteries

- Triplex Wood

- 50x Screws

Some things are optional. You can be creative with this one and have your own input.

Birds will like the happy tones and high pitched notes. You can attach sound producing toys to the servos. This tree is also suitable for cockatiels as they like the same kind of toys suitable for budgies. You can upload MP3 files that have repeating words or songs so the birds may imitate it. Wich is fun!. Birds like funny sounds and new things, that’s why the code is full of random values.

First of all lets have a look at my tree in the picture below.

It’s a pretty simple construction. A place for nesting is included. A door can be opend and closed if you want baby budgies. They won’t breed when you close the door. Do not close it when a animal is inside.


All electronics must be kept away from the birds.

I have used two arduinos but it is possible to do this with one. You will need the MP3 shield to play random tracks through the speaker.

You can use the pictures and the drawings I made to create the basic construction.

Step 2: Arduino With Motors and the First Code.

You will need the male to female cabes to attach the servos.

Upload this included code:

Step 3: Arduino With MP3 Files.

Make 9 MP3files with the next names:










Be creative, make your own songs. Record repeating melodies or words. You can make more tracks just change the randommp3track value in the code to (1,100) if you have 100 files. Upload the files to the mini-sd card and plug it in the mp3-shield.

Attach a speaker to the spk-output. Download the code if you do not have the libraries download them by searching the name in your arduino code software or on this site:

Step 4: Finishing the Tree.

Put the electronics within the house you made as I did in my version.

You can use tape or small screws for the servos and sensors. I used tape.. Haha.

You can adjust values within the code or you can make more mp3files with funny tones or song.

Just change the values of the random songs.

You can adjust the values of tones by adjust: tone(buzzer, randomTone, 300) to tone(buzzer, 1500, 400);

Have fun! And I hope your birds will like it.


I made this tutorial really quickly if you have any questions just ask them!.