Introduction: Plywood Watch Stand

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i recently got a watch, its a Lorus chronograph 100m RT383CX9.( i really like the watch, but the only thing to put it in/on is a box that came with the watch. it's really annoying to have to put it in and out the box every time you want to wear it. and you also cant look at it when it in the box. so to fix this problem i decided to a watch stand. i still had some light and dark plywood laying around. i wanted to try making so it has a stripe of dark plywood going down the middle. i think it turnd our great i really like how the plywood looks. if you also want one of these stand just follow the simple steps and you'll have a stand in no time.

what you need:

- light plywood

-dark plywood



-sanding paper


-wood finish (optional)

Step 1: The Foot

first where going to create the bottom part. i made a kind of blueprint so you see what the measurements are. you have to make three of the pieces as seen in the picture. you have to make two light and one dark one. then you have to glue them together with wood glue. you have to glue them like: light-glue-dark-glue-light. you can just clamp them together in a vise or with wood clamps.

Step 2: The Top Part

this step is very similar to the last one. i also made a picture with the measurements. in this step you also have to cut three parts, two light and one dark. you also have to glue them the same:light-glue-dark-glue-light. but these parts are angled at 15 degrees, it's angled so you can see the watch better. because when it is angled the watch faces you, and when the watch isn't angled it just points up so it's more difficult to see the watch. and it just looks better.

Step 3: The Side Part

now you're going to make the side part. this is the part that connects the top and bottom part. you only have to make one of these. all the measurement are in the picture above. it doesn't have to be 9.5 cm or 3.7 inches high, you can make it as high as you want. but when you do decide to make higher, you also have to make the front bigger.

Step 4: Glue It All

now you have to glue it all together. if you look at the pictures its's pretty obvious where everything has to go. and make sure to clamp everything after you added the glue. then let it dry for 4 to 5 hours. but you just have to look at the glue for how long it has to dry.

Step 5: Round and Sand

after everything has dried you have to round off all the edge. you can round it with files. make sure to round the top part extra good. after every sharp corner and edge is round you have to sand it. by sanding it the all the wood looks like one piece.

Step 6: Add Your Finish (optional)

(this step is optional) if you want you can now add your finish. i wanted to add the finish because it really makes the colors of the different pieces of wood look different. bu it doesn't matter if you want to ad the finish.

Step 7: You're Done

your done!!

have fun with your new watch stand.

if you have any questions you can just ask me in the comments.

thanks for reading this instructable. -Howterson :-)