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Introduction: PoP Art Zombie Body Paint

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So I've done a pop art zombie before but I wanted to redo it and change it up! This time I also walked around like this. Haha. Hope you all enjoy be sure to tell me what you think? What should my fist Halloween face paint be?! Let me know what you want to see. ALSO subscribe and help support me? Pleaaase. <3 Youtube.com/msmaomaoz

Step 1: The Idea

I took my white eyeliner to sketch out the look, as a always do.

Step 2: Teal Face

I took this teal body paint (wolffe effects) and I put that on my face.

Step 3: Braaaaain

Taking this bubble gum pink color I filled in the brain. (wolfe effects paint)

Step 4: Outline

Taking black body I outlined the brain.

Step 5: Shadows

Taking this teal shadow (urban decay) I started shadowing around the brain.

Step 6: Brain Shadows

Taking this darker pink color I shadowed inside the brain spot.

Step 7: Brain Detail

I used a dark purple body paint I added swirls inside the brain spot. Then I took a dark pink and a bright pink eye shadow and randomly dabbed it around the brain.

Step 8: Eyebrow

Taking this purple body paint I added my eyebrows. I also took a black body paint and outlined them.

Step 9: Angry Marks

Taking that black body paint I added angry marks.

Step 10: Shadow

Taking more of that teal eye shadow I shadowed around all the angry marks.

Step 11: Nose

I filled in the nose with black and shadowed around it with that teal eye shadow.

Step 12: Eyes

I took a bright purple eyeshadow and put in all over the lid then I used a black liquid liner to add a wing.

Step 13: Cheek

I filled in the cheek hole with pink.

Step 14: Random Details

I contoured one cheek with that teal, then I added some of that teal under the eye to make bags, I also used that black body paint to add lines on the bags under my eyes.

Step 15: Cheek Details

Just like before I shadowed around the hole with that teal eye shadow then I outlined with black then I shadowed inside with pink.

Step 16: Random Details

I used white body paint to highlight inside the brain and holes, then I took black body paint and added some random little dots inside the holes.

Step 17: Teeth

Using white body paint I added the teeth.

Step 18: Mouth Details~

I filled in the rest of the mouth with pink, then I outlined with black, I then took a black eyeshadow to shadow around every tooth, and then I took that black body paint to outline every tooth. I took that teal eye shadow around and shadowed around the hole and used pink to shadow inside.

Step 19: Random

I put on a wig and painted my neck and chest.

Step 20: Lips

put on a purple lipstick and outlined with black.

Step 21: Contour

I used that teal color to contour my neck.

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    5 years ago

    This is what I call pure pop art! I really love the shadowing on the brain and the contours around the face. Better yet, the color palette was perfect. Once again, nice work! By the way, I voted for this design in the Halloween Costumes contest, so good luck! Oh, and also, if they bring back the Remix contest, which in this case they mig t do so, I will try to take on some of your designs so you can see I did them!


    Reply 5 years ago

    aw thank you so much! I would love to see that. =D


    5 years ago

    Your 3D effects are always great. So your Halloween face has to have a lot of 3D shading effects. Maybe something with peeled back skin and muscle and even bone looking something. I am sure whatever you decide will be great. Thumbs up!


    Reply 5 years ago

    I love those ideas! And thank you so much!


    5 years ago

    Awesome, I love the side teeth!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you!