Pocket Book That Fits Into All Pockets

Introduction: Pocket Book That Fits Into All Pockets

This is a small pocket book i just made two weeks ago. Before, I still did not know how to make an Instructable but now I could. These are the materials:
- card stock
- a stapler
- about 6 pieces of blank paper to make a 42 paged book
- masking tape
- clear tape (optional)
- scissors

So, you start off cutting pieces of paper 16 by 10 cm. Use two pieces in each paper. Use all 6 pieces. You should now have 11 pieces. Fold all of them in half crosswise and set aside for later. These will be the pages of the book. Next, cut the card stock about 16.25 by 10.25 cm. Take the other pieces of paper and just staple them all in the middle. Fold everything in half. Next, use masking tape to cover the staples in the spine. So cover that up. Then start decorating the small pocket book. The optional part: cover the CARD STOCK only with the clear tape to waterproof it so that just in case it rains outside and wets your jeans, the book will stay dry. Cut the extra pieces of paper on the side and finish it up. DONE! Check this bookmark out made by my friend: https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Customizable-Yet-Fashionable-Bookmark/ I am sure you will like this one.

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