Pocket Sized - Dog Poo Bag Dispenser



Introduction: Pocket Sized - Dog Poo Bag Dispenser

Do you have an old or broken mouse laying around just waiting to be used and do you have a dog waiting to be walked well you have come to the right place! This mouse poo bag dispenser is pocket-sized and could fit up to 6 bags in there and it is easy to refill! Follow these steps and you will make this little helpful item!


  • Old or broken mouse
  • Poo Bags


  • Screw Driver
  • Snipping Tool

Step 1: Dissemble the Mouse

You want to get your screwdriver ready, flip over the mouse and unscrew the screw(s) at the bottom some might be hiding under stickers so remove them and then take it apart. Once apart some parts might fall out or you might have to unscrew them as well. All we will be needing is the casing and any screw(s) from the case. Keep other parts for any future projects you might do!

Step 2: Open the Mouse

Separate the two halves then check on the inside if there are large standoffs in the middle like in the images above then get you snipper and cut them carefully but leave the thin ones near the walls as these are used to keep the mouse together.

Step 3: Fill It Up

Now you are almost done make sure your 5 or so bags stay together when they are moved to the mouse and then poke the top one through the hole where the wheel was. Slowly connect the 2 halves together.

Step 4: Finish It Up

Now find your screw(s) and screw them back in with your screwdriver and you are done! Whenever you want to refill just unscrew the screw(s) and redo the step 3!

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