Pocket Solar Cooker Full Size

Introduction: Pocket Solar Cooker Full Size

This is a full sized solar cooker that can be disassembled and folded to fit in your back pocket, then reassembled and cooked in.

I used some old poster board squares that had foil on them already. The panels are 14" - 35.36cm squares and the base is 8" - 20.32cm square.

I will show how I finished and folded it.

Here you see it folded in the pocket, ready to assemble and assembled to cook.

I will also show how to make one from two sheets of poster paper.

Step 1: Folding the Panels and Base

1 Lay out the 4 large panels and the base

2 Fold each panel in half. Also fold base in half.

3 Then fold each half panel in half again making fourths. Don't fold base in half again.

4 Fold panels again to checkbook size.

Step 2: Pocket Solar Cooker Full Size

I found 4 old poster paper pieces with foil and used them to make a pocket solar cooker. The 4 old poster pieces are 14" or 35.56cm squares. The two base pieces measured 8" or 20.32cm squares.

Step 3: Finishing the Reflective Panels

1 Tape around the panel to keep the foil from tearing. Then round the corners and punch 1 corner.

2 Use 17 hole template to mark holes. Use awl or punch to make holes.

3 Put the 2 base pieces together with pipe cleaners to form the pockets in a large X. Then use a separate pipe cleaner to hold the punched corners at the center holes.

4 Slide punched corners of panels in base pockets. Line up holes and thread pipe cleaner through all four to hold panels in base.

Step 4: Materials to Make the Solar Cooker.

2 sheets of poster paper 22" x 28" or 55.88cm x 71.12cm

1 roll aluminum foil

1 bottle school glue

1 roll tape

4 office clips

3 pipe cleaners - ribbon or yarn or shoelace can be used

Step 5: Tools to Make Solar Cooker.

1 pair scissors or 1 box cutter

1 glue spreader

1 hole punch

1 pencil

1 awl

1 punch 17 nails* or

1 template with 17 holes**

* We made this wooden punch with nails for me to use in classes. I will make plans available later.

*I will make the template available later.

To make your own template:

a.Draw an X from corner to corner of 8" or 20.32cm square

b. From center of X punch holes every 1.5" or 3.81cm toward each corner

c. Punch holes for holding corners of panels out 1/2" or 1.27cm from center toward sides of the base piece

Step 6: How to Cut and Fold the Base Pieces

1 Line up both sheets and use small piece of tape to hold together

2 Measure 8 " or from long side of poster paper and cut off

3 Divide remaining piece in half to make the 14" or squares

4 Line up the corners of the 8" or strips to draw lines at 8" on both sides

5 Move strips to cross at the line and mark both sides

6 Fold on lines making 2 separate squares

7 Cut off remainder pieces and tape them together to make a square and fold foil on the square.

Step 7: Put Foil on Panels

1 Have all 4 panels ready.

2 Squeeze glue onto panel.

3 Spread glue evenly

4 Lay foil carefully from one edge and hand smooth

5 After all 4 panels are foiled lay them out to see how much more foil is needed.

6 Use another piece of foil to make strips to finish panels

7 Fold foil a little larger than needed

8 Use a credit card to cut the strips or scissors

9 Trim edges with credit card or scissors

10 Tape around edges to keep foil from tearing

Step 8: Optional : Glue Fabric to Back of Panels for Extra Durability.

1 Cut squares of fabric to fit the poster paper panels see examples

2 Glue or use iron on adhesive to cover back of panels

3 Tape edges as before to keep edge smooth for easy adjustment of panels

4 To keep fabric clean spray with clear acrylic sealer

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    3 years ago

    Great idea! So portable.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! I think it is a great choice for an emergency kit.