Introduction: Pocketable Programmable Robot

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Hi Everyone those who are creative and ready to innovate and enjoy!!!!!

This is about when we start loving Arduino project and programming in robot.I was always found of making robot but for every robot the size is not friendly.i want to carry my robot to everywhere i like so i created this one .

which gives me full freedom do play with programming ,Bluetooth app controlled robot and many more. The making cost is too less and i enjoyed this robot and i fell you will enjoy to if you love robots.

All the arduino codes i have included in this instructables even this can be used for such types of robots like line follower,obstrucle detector,light follower,mini sumo bot,Andriod based robots etc.

look to the video i hope you will enjoy!!!!!

Step 1: Components Required for Making This Mini Pocketable Programmable Robot.

As i have to make this robot small so that it fits my pocket .i can use smd Arduino but thats bit complicated so i have kept things simple for everyone by using normal components .

list are:

  1. arduino Atmega 328
  2. double toy motor.
  3. 3.7v 300mah battery.
  4. L293D Motor driver
  5. hc 05 bluetooth module
  6. usb programmer mini
  7. 3 leds(2 red and one white at bottom.)
  8. 330 ohm resistors
  9. on/off slide switch
  10. 5 ldr
  11. 100k resistor 5 pieces for ldr.
  12. zero pcb

Step 2: Circuit Diagram for the Robot.

In this step we just need to see the circuit diagram and first place the arduino chip and motor driver ic and two motor properly just see the image hot it is done.once placement is done than we can connect everything with the wires.

two ldr is connected to the bottom for line follower and 3 on top for light follower.

see the diagram and connect using 100k resistor.


connect capacitor 1000uf/25v to + and - so that there will be stable voltage when motor start and stops

Step 3: Blink Test Program Arduino:

We know in arduino pin 13 is connected to blink led .

here we have connected to pin 5 and 6 and once you dump the code by using ftdi programmer its starts working if you dont have ftdi you can put the chip in arduino and dump the code.

The output you can find in the video i have given the link.

you can find the code .

Step 4: Line Following Robot

Hi now we can change the code to line follower .in the given code you just need to change the analog value of the two ldr sensor facing downward. take A4 Sheet and a black marker and make a dark and thick line.

the code is below still you face any difficulty let me know.

Step 5: Converting to Edge Detector and Mini Sumo Robot

In this step we can convert it to edge detector or mini sumo robot .

  • concept: as soon as it reaches black line there ldr value change and the robot takes a turn
  • to make the arena you juct need a A4 paper and a black marker.
  • just calibrate the value and put the value in the given code.
  • Enjoy....

Step 6: Converting to Light Follower Robot

Since we have kept three ldr sensor on top of it so it will be detecting light from which direction is coming and runs toward it.

  • left and right sensor were placed 45 degree from straight ,so that the light falling on it can be detected and which side is more can be calculated .centre ldr sensor looks front .
  • using three if conditions we set the direction because of which it follows light.

Step 7: Converting It to App Based Controlled Robot.

hi its fun when we control our robot using our cellphone .so just by adding hc05 to it we can make it andriod app controlled robot.

  • how to make andriod app for this robot its very easy .i have attached a link by which you can learn how to make app in just 30 minutes by following simple steps.
  • you can download the app from mit app inventor>gallary>robogear.
  • upload the code of bluetooth in your robot.the code is attached.
  • connect hc05 to the robot on top and pair it with the robot and have fun....

other apps are also working for it like

  1. gravity control app
  2. voice control app
  3. both the links are there in the link and how to make the app its give up or search robogear in gallary of mitapp inventor.

hope you like this one if you face any problem let me know. thank you.

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