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Introduction: Pockets in a Pocket

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Often, there are times when while working at inaccessible places I felt the need of some extra pockets to carry some extra tools.
I thought of creating an extendable pocket that can be opened up whenever needed.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. A cardboard of appropriate size:- My pockets are of 4" width so the cardboard had to be less than that in width.
2. Scrap pieces of cloth or any material that would be needed to cover the cardboard and make the pockets:- I used the cloth but don't have any experience of stitching!
3. Scissors and a cutter:- to cut
4. Gum, Tape and instant adhesive(not shown): I had some difficulty in sticking the velcro to the pockets, I'll discuss about it later in the instructible.
5. Scale:- To measure everything
6. Velcro fasteners: 2 pieces

Step 2: Cardboard Pieces

Measure and cut cardboard pieces of appropriate sizes

Stick cloth on both the surfaces covering all the pieces and with a little distance between the pieces, so that the pieces can be folded.

Step 3: Create Pockets

After covering and cutting the extra cloth, it is now the turn of creating the pockets

Of the 4 pieces of cardboard, 3 would have have pockets and 1 will be inserted into the pocket.

So we have to cut 3 pieces of clothes of dimension a little larger than the width and the length of the cardboard pieces.

After cutting the 3 pieces, and ensuring which side is front side, I secured the lower border of the upper two pockets using tape.

Step 4: Pocket 2

To make the pocket, I had to cut the cloth larger than the size of the pocket.

After ensuring which side is front side, I secured the lower border of the upper two pockets using tape.

I flipped it over and after putting the pocket cloth pieces in order (ALL 3 OF THEM), I folded the sides that were jutting out.

Secured everything with tape, making sure that the upper border is loose enough to let the fingers in (or else how would we take out the things we put in)

I also made sure that the middle pocket, which is inverted when folded, is long enough that it's upper border folds on itself.

Step 5: Velcro Fasteners

Lastly I stuck pieces of velcro fasteners to keep the pocket folded.

About sticking the velcro I had some difficulty as gum didn't stick on cloth directly so I had to use instant adhesive, which is notorious in sticking the wrong ends more easily. (stuck the wrong ends of the pockets and my fingers!)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever! This is a practical solution! Thanks for sharing! Sunshiine