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Introduction: Poison Ivy

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This is my daughter's design for Poison Ivy. She drew out the design and I pinned the fabric onto her body until we got a perfect fit.

Step 1: Sleeves

These sleeves are simply tubes of stretch fabric with a single seam sewn up the back. The edges were left raw at the top due to the fact that the fabric does not fray. At the wrist area the fabric was turned inside and sewed down.

Step 2: Bodice

This costume is a one piece bodice with fitted princess seams and a zippered back. Although it looks simple,it does require some skill in fitting .

We used a heavy weight cotton fabric. It has no stretch.This give the wearer support. With this material there are no bumps , bulges or rolls . It has a flattering fit.

If you don't want to enlarge the pattern here, then I suggest buying an inexpensive pattern with a princess seam in it and adapting it for the Ivy costume. It is important that the first cutting be slightly larger than you want the finished costume to be. This allows for better fitting.

After cutting out the body pieces sew the 2 front pieces (wrong sides facing ) together down the center seam.Then sew the front side pieces one on each side of the center.

Sew the back in a similar manner. However, do not sew the center back seam all the way up. The center back is where the zipper is placed. We used a zipper that came down to the lower back. Depending on the size of the hips, a longer zipper is better. Sew the zipper in place. If you don't know how to sew on a zipper the last page of my instructions will explain how.

Now sew the front to the back at the sides and crotch area.Leave the garment inside out and put it on. It will be somewhat baggy in some area. Now comes the fitting. I try pinning each seam an equal amount. Try starting with pinning a quarter inch along each seam and taking in the seams. Some area will probably look good at this point. Whatever areas still need fitting go back and take in a bit more. Make sure to take in equal amounts from each side so your costume stays even.Once you are satisfied with the fit sew all the seams to where the pins are. Turn the garment right side out and now it should fit beautifully.

Finally finish off all the edges by turning the fabric to the inside 1/2 inch and sewing in place.

Step 3: Ivy Leaves

The ivy leaves are made from cutting free form ivy shapes from felt . They were made in various sizes about 1 to 2 inches across. After cutting out yellow craft paint was applied to the center of the leaves. After the yellow was dry red veins were added.

Step 4: Paint

To give the costume more depth I painted in shadowing in a cartoon -like fashion to the costume. I used a watered down black craft paint.

Allow the paint to dry then sew or glue the ivy leaves to the neck line and leg openings.

Step 5: Accessories

My daughter is wearing a bra under the costume with straps in a green to match the bodice. This is for comfort as the costume provides support already. She is wearing 2 pairs of tights beneath the costume also. Again this is for comfort. One pair is good enough. High heels and a red wig complete the look. ( Being 5 ft 10 in does't hurt).

Step 6:

Use a conventional zipper.

1. Baste the center seam closed on the back of the garment . Press the seam open.

2. On the right side of the bodice use chalk and draw a line 1/4 from the center seam on either side.

3. On wrong side center the zipper (with the pull at the top ) over the basted seam.

4. Hand baste the zipper in place.

5.Using a zipper foot on your machine sew along the chalk lines on the right side.

6. Remove center basting seam.

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    Good job . I did a girl up as Poison Ivy this yr as well. She works at the club in the video of "ghost rider arrives at club on fire" Sewing machine broke and I had tp hand stich and glue but ended up looking great.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I know the Batman nemesis character has red hair and as much as I appreciate red hair myself I can't help but wonder if maybe a nice lime green would't work better. Ahh, I know, daughter of poison Ivy, "Poison Buds", that's where the green hair would go. 3 feet tall and bursting with energy.


    8 years ago

    very beautiful.. I had a little doubt but u have pretty explainable instructions. but report the other guy. thank you