Introduction: Pokémon PC Case / 포켓몬 피씨 케이스

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Pokémon PC Case / 포켓몬 피씨 케이스

This is my pc case.

now i am using my sub pc for CNC.

2 years ago i build it up for my son... (but my son likes his laptop haha~)

Step 1: ​Design Ans Dimension.

Design and dimension.

- birch plywood 15t

- acrylic sheet 10t , 5t , 3t (transparent)

- aluminium profile 40*40

- 12v LED strip.

- switch (for power, reset)

- Mainboard, Power supply , Memory, Cpu etc from old PC

Step 2: Preparing Parts Using Cnc & Laser

Preparing parts using cnc & laser

Step 3: Setting Up LED Lights

- set in 12 LED strip , wiring

- set pc parts into pc case.

Step 4: Setting Switch Module With LED

- power switch on front

- reset switch on left side

Step 5: Finish and Test.

Finish and test.

Enjoy your life!!

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