Introduction: Pokeball Christmas Ornament

Know a kid (or adult) who loves Pokemon? Want to hang a Pokeball on your Christmas tree? Then go to the nearest 3D printer and make your own.

This Pokeball ornament is a non-functioning replica with a small hole in the top to allow it to be hung on a Christmas tree (or anything else for that matter). It is 3" in diameter.

I apologize for not having a photo of the completed ornament, but I decided to put this Instructable together after I had the ornament wrapped and under the tree for my son. However, the attached image is a rendering of the actual 3D model that I created.

All you will need to complete this project is the following:

• Access to a 3D printer
• Red, White, and Black filament

• Alternatively, you can use only white filament and paint the ornament

• Sand paper
• A 6" - 7" piece of ribbon
• Your favorite (or most available) adhesive for gluing the parts together

• I used hot glue with acceptable results

If you want to get straight to printing, then visit my GitHub page (DevMolasses_PokeballOrnament) page to preview and download the files (I have also included a ZIP file with the contents of the GitHub Repository for your convenience). Once the parts are printed, clean them up a bit, put the ribbon through the hole in the Top, and glue all the parts together (Don't forget to put the Button into the Middle section before gluing the Top and Bottom pieces to the Middle). For more detailed instructions, read on.

Step 1: Print Parts

Print 1 piece each of all 4 parts:

• Top - Red filament
• Middle - Black filament
• Bottom - White filament
• Button - White filament

NOTE: Remember that one filament color can be used if you want to paint the parts after printing

STL files are available at my GitHub DevMolasses_PokeballOrnament repository or from the ZIP file on the introduction page.

Step 2: Clean Up Parts

Remove any support material from the parts. Use some sandpaper to smooth out all the parts and improve the fit where necessary. Remember to test the fit regularly during the sanding step to ensure that the parts slide together and look nice.

Note: The ornament I made for my son required very little sanding with 220 grit paper to get all the parts to fit together properly.

Step 3: Tie the Ribbon

Simple step - Tie the two ends of the ribbon together. The knot will keep the ribbon from pulling out of the ornament.

Step 4: Insert Ribbon Into Top

This is a step that I have to apologize for the lack of photos; Sorry!

Since the hole in the Top piece is relatively small compared to the size of ribbon, you will want to utilize a "needle threader" of sorts.

First, get a short piece of thread, fishing line, or something similarly thin (I used some of my wife's quilting thread as it is a bit stronger than normal thread).

Second, stick one end of the thread through the hole in the Top piece from the outside to the inside.

Third, stick that same end through the loop made by tying the two ends of the ribbon together, and finally back through the hole from the inside to the outside. Both ends of the thread should now be on the outside of the Top piece with the ribbon loop still on the inside.

Finally, gently pull on the two ends of the thread until the ribbon pulls through. Pull the ribbon until the know stops against the inside of the Top piece.

Step 5: Glue Everything Together

When gluing everything together, start by inserting the Button into the Middle before gluing the Top and Bottom to the Middle (otherwise the button will not be able to installed).

Once the button is in and secure, add the Top and Bottom pieces.

The choice of adhesive is up to you for this step. Just be sure that whatever you choose will adequately bond your filament material choice. I used hot glue because it is cheap, I had some, and it holds things together quite well, but will release if I need it to. The downside to hot glue is that it is quite thick and sets quickly which made it a bit more difficult to get everything properly aligned before I couldn't move it anymore (I had to separate two parts and give it a second try before I was happy with the results).

Step 6: Done!

Now that the Pokeball Ornament is complete, wrap it up as a gift or hang it up on your tree. I hope making this project brings you much satisfaction this Holiday season.