Introduction: Polymer Clay Canes: Retro Dots

A cane is a polymer clay rod made from 2 or more colors that are constructed in such a way as they produce a nifty design. This Instructable will show you how to make retro dots/multiple color and sized circles.

Step 1: BoM

Polymer Clay

Pasta Machine or rolling pin

Something sharp for slicing


Step 2: Conditioning

Condition your clay by either running it through a pasta machine multiple times or working it by hand. I find the pasta machine to be so much easier on your hands.

Step 3: Roll & Punch

Roll out your clay into flat pieces that are easy to work with. Use the barrel of your extruder to punch out circles in your flat clay. Do this until you have a lot of circles in various colors. The thickness of your circles will affect your cane outcome, so keep that in mind. I made sure to punch of a variety of thicknesses for each color I used.

Step 4: Layer

When you have all your circles punched out, begin layering them together. There isn't really a right or wrong way to layer them, but

Play with layering techniques to see what styles you like better. Remember, you can get multiple circle formations out of one cane simply by changing the layer pattern.

When you've got your pieces assembled, roll the cane back and forth several times. This not only makes your can a little thinner, thus ensuring it will still fit inside your extruder, but it will also help the circles adhere to one another and rid your cane of air pockets.

Step 5: Extrude

Put one of larger circle, square, or triangle plates on your extruder. Put one of the rods into your extruder and push! You won't see your creation until you start slicing.

Put the extruded canes into the freezer for 20+ minutes to make them easier to cut.

Step 6: Slice!

Using a very thin, very sharp cutting tool, begin slicing your cane. Working with one pre-frozen cane at a time will get you a cleaner cut than if you work with softened canes.

Once you've sliced all your canes your clay is ready for it's next adventure!

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