Introduction: Pool Towel Rack

A towel rack for multi purposes to dry towels outdoors or indoors.

Step 1: Find Pvc

These are the measurements I used…
It is a rectangle so the height is 30'' squared
The width is 20'' so you will need 8 20'' pieces.
You will also need 8 three way connectors and 8 90'' angle connectors
To connect the two use a 1'' piece of pvc so it matches the picture.

You will need 288'' of pvc (I used 1/2 inch pvc but it does not matter

Step 2: Tools

A saw or jig saw
Pvc glue (optional)
Paint ( optional ) I didn't use paint because I like the original color.

Step 3: Build It Up!

Connect all the three ways to a one inch piece of the pvc on the side
Put the width pieces on the 2 sides of the three way one piece on the 90'' turn and one on the straight side of the three way repeat on all sides and bottom sides
Then put the height pieces in the sticking out parts of the three way it should look like the picture

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Bang all the parts with a hammer and use pvc glue if you want too
Paint if you want a different color

Comment if you made or if you have any suggestions