Introduction: Poor Drone Owners Carrying Case

Dog and I decided we needed a better case for our drone rather than the old duffle bag we had been using. However, a good case is rather expensive and we'd rather spend our money on new components, right dog?

Step 1: Bed Bath and Beyond

While being dragged around BB&B by my wife I noticed these containers which I thought might be useful in the garage. At 9 bucks a piece I bought three. Once I got them home dog said, "That looks exactly the right size for our DJI Phantom II".

Step 2: Old Scraps

Grabbing some leftover parts from other projects I spent a couple of hours building this little case. I had on hand:

  • A few small sheets of 1" foam ( I used 5 layers)
  • Some old nylon strap from a freebie duffle bag
  • A leftover piece of rubber tubing for the handle
  • A pair of scissors and a utility knife and a drill

Step 3: Just Put It All Together...

I think the pictures are enough instruction. I drilled holes through the lid and container along the sturdy edge and ran the nylon strap through one set of holes, then the rubber tubing, then back down through the other set of holes on the container. Tie it up and you've got a handle and a hinge.

Good luck