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Introduction: Poor Man's Moccasins

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I enjoy making moccasins out of leather, but good leather can be really expensive! As a result, I invented "blue jean moccasins". Although they may not technically qualify as tough, hiking footwear, they are a definitely a cheap and easy alternative to most indoor, and outdoor, shoes. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

1. Scissors

2. Ruler

3. Pen/ Pencil/ Marker

4. Paper for a pattern

5. Blue Jeans

Step 2: Making Your Pattern

A. Trace out your foot on a piece of cardboard or thick paper

B. Cut out the pattern.

C. Place the pattern on a large piece of paper (The paper should have a crease down the middle of it.)

D. Place the widest part of the foot approx. 1/2" away from the center crease

E. Mark with a pencil the widest part of your foot (from the ball of your foot to the base of your little toe). Also mark a point (a.k.a. "Point 1") that is 1/2" away from the widest part of your foot near your little toe. Keep holding your foot on the piece of paper.

F. Now trace approximately 1/2" around the toes, until you hit the center crease.

G. Draw a line straight down from "Point 1" (mentioned in part E.) to the end of the paper

H. Mark a point (a.k.a. "Point 2") 1/2" from the heel of your foot. Draw a line that intersects the center crease and the line drawn straight down from Point 1.

I. Fold on the crease line and cut out your pattern.

J. Unfold your pattern. It should, essentially, look like both your feet are stuck together. An example is shown in the pictures.

The 1/2" measurement may vary depending on whether the arch of you foot is "tall". I had to try a couple times before I got it right.

Step 3: Cutting Out Your Pattern

A. Use the same pair of blue jeans for the shoes, so that, when they're finished, they won't be different colors.

B. You can use tape to hold your pattern to the blue jeans, or you can just hold them together.

C. Trace and cut out your pattern.

Step 4: Sewing

A. Turn your pattern inside out and sew along the edge, from the toe to the heel.

B. Turn it right side to and cut a "T," starting about halfway up the middle of the moccasin, and with approx. 1" "handlebars" to each side. Turn inside out again.

C. Fold the moccasin fabric so that the two top edges (which will eventually become the "throat" of the finished moccasin) are together. This action will create a lengthwise fold opposite the two top edges (throat). This lengthwise fold will fall roughly along the center of the moccasin sole and will form an imaginary line running from heel to toe.

D. On the back end (heel) of the moccasin, measure over 3/4" from the lengthwise fold created in the previous step and mark a dot. Beginning at that dot, draw a 1" line to run parallel to the lengthwise fold(see picture #6). Cut on the line. This process is important in eventually providing shape to the finished moccasin heel.

D. Sew the top part of the heel

E. Turn right side to (you should have a piece of blue jean sticking out)

F. Fold up and sew into position.

G. You're also going to sew along the edges of the blue jeans that are exposed so it won't fray.

H. Fold down sides and sew into position(there should be a gap so you can thread a shoelace through)

I. Thread a shoelace through(this step is optional, if it is snug enough you may not need shoelaces)

Step 5: Repeat to Make Opposite Shoe

Now repeat the steps to make the opposite shoe. Just make sure you don't accidentally end up with two shoes for the same foot. : )

Step 6: Finished

Congratulations! You have finished the poor man's moccasins. You can wear them around the house, and impress your friends with your homemade blue jean moccasins. Enjoy!

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3 years ago

I was looking online for a pair of blue jean moccasins, if there was a place to buy a pair, or if any store carried them and was led here ! But I would like stone wash denim with all the edges frayed at the seams with suede laces all the way up the legs like the originals. Maybe a denim frayed hat to match ! It"ll definitely go with my blue jean purse.( Bell Bottom Blues ) Now to find a sewing machine that will uphold your idea and enhance it by adding to it ! Thanks for sharing this. I so want a pair to wear with some of my dresses. When an if I can accomplish this, I'll stop back by an leave you some pics of what I came up with.


6 years ago on Introduction

hello, maybe measuring around foot at ball and again at arch would help make sure that you've got enough fabric to go around your foot. if not, add more allowance around outline of foot. Great idea tho, and I love that it makes it possible to fit anyone's foot! Now if my (adult) sons will just wear out some more jeans....


This is a great basic pattern, funtogether, and can be done in various fabrics...or leather...and finished out as "finely" or primitively as the user desires. I had just bought some soft leather to make a couple of pair of moccasin type slippers to warm the freezing feet in our cabin for this coming winter...plan to line them with fleece and put foam insoles in...I might just adapt your pattern instead of the more complex one I had planned to use...Thanks!


6 years ago

Pretty awesome! Great idea... Thanks for sharing