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This is a recipe for a simple snack and I warn that it is hot and spicy.

Step 1: Items


1. A star anise
2. A slice of ginger
3. A pod of cardamom
4. Cinnamon
5. Black pepper
6. 1tsp of Biryani powder
7. 1sp of creamer powder
8. Salt to taste
9. A bowl of rice
10. 10gm of dried shrimps
11. A few coriander
12. A red chili
13. A few bird's chili
14. Chopped potato
15. Chopped carrot
16. 50ml of cooking oil
17. 1 liter of water

1. Slow cooker
2. Kitchen knife
3. Cutting board

Step 2: The Herbs

1. Firstly, I pour the cooking oil into the slow cooker.
2. Then, I add the herbs and sauté in slightly high heat.

Step 3: The Extra

1. Next, I add a slice of ginger and follow by 1tsp of Biryani powder.
2. I stir it for a while and then I add the dried shrimps.

Sometime I add seafood or minced meat or mixed beans or all of them.

Step 4: The Stew

1. When the herbs start to smell nice, I add the water and the chopped potato and carrot.
2. I let the stew to boil.

Step 5: The Bubur

1. Then I add the rice.
2. Not to forget, I add the chopped coriander and the chili.
3. I close the lid and set the heat to low.
4. I let it to slow cook about 90 minutes.
5. I add water once in a while.

If I add the minced meat, then I slow cook it for another 30 minutes.

Step 6: The Finishing

Later, I add the salt to taste and 1sp of creamer powder.

Sometime I also substitute the creamer with coconut cream.

Step 7: The Presentation

I let the picture tell the rest.

Bon appétit!

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