Introduction: Pop Out Sunshine Card

Step 1: Supplies

- two shades of colored purple paper
-purple, gold, blue and green gel pens
-light blue card stock paper
- light green card stock paper
- foam stickies
- round jewel

Step 2: Emboss and Cut Out Flower

Cut and emboss a flower with the lighter purple shade.

Step 3: Cut Out Hills

Cut out the hills and have two of them be 2" long and 2" high with a right corner on either bottom left or right. Have the other one be as long as the width of the card and two inches high as well.

Step 4: Outline Hills

Outline the hills with a green gel pen.

Step 5: Stick the Hills On

Stick the hills on using foam stickies. Use one foam sticky on the middle one and two on the outside ones.

Step 6: Outline Flower

Outline the flower with a shiny purple gel pen.

Step 7: Layer Flower

Make another flower without the holes and slightly bigger with the darker purple. Stick them on each other with the foam stickies and add a gem for the center.

Step 8: Stick the Flower on the Card

Stick the flower on the card using a foam sticky.

Step 9: The Sun

Cut out a little circle with the yellow paper and outline it with the glitter gold gel pen and paint glitter glue on it as well. Then, put it on the top left corner of the card with a foam sticky.

Step 10: Add Your Message

Write something on the front of the card.

For example: my sunny friend

Step 11: Enjoy!

I hope you liked this! If you have any questions comment!

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