Popbottle Algae!

Introduction: Popbottle Algae!

Growing algae in popbottles is quite easy, and requires no skill. There are quite a few reasons for growing algae such as:
~Throwing at people
~Wearing it as a hat
~Expsploding it
~Chew it like gum
~Creating nuclear bombs with it
~Mutating it
~Making algae men
~Conversation Starter
~Green Water
~Confused Cats
~Recycling a water bottle
~Making Fuel
~Making Oil
~A gift for your friend
~Fish Food
~Faux Bacon
~Faux Meat
~To-fo Substatute

Step 1: Materials

Here are some materials your going to need, and you most likely have:
1. A Popbottle
2. Wooden Sticks or pepples
3. Water
4. Soil (Optionel)
5. A Popbottle's lid

Step 2: Setup

Fill the bottle with water, place the wooden stick in, poke a hole about a inch over the water level, and screw on the cap and put it by a window sill. Thats it :D!

Step 3: Final Product!

Eventually, these bottles will turn green eventually, loaded with algae!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi ,
    Can any one help me out in some calculation work its really very urgent , please help me out ..... i need to consume 1932.3kg/hr of CO2 with the help of Algae in a pond (water) for example Raceway pond , so i need to know the specific area to construct that pond and its sizing and dimension (length,etc) and the quantity of water needed and amount of algae used so that it easily consumes the mentioned amount of CO2 rate per hour..... please help me out soon you can also drop your suggestion and questions if any my email id is : sudhirmalik2011@gmail.com ....i will be waiting for your reply soon and i'll be highly thankful to you, if someone can help please do tell me its very urgent....

    Thank you


    11 years ago on Introduction

    can you post pictures of the finished product with algae? how long does it take to produce algae?


    if you want to grow algae properly in bottles the quickest thing to do is get an air pump, bamboo fertilizer (or similar, or a proper growth medium) some bottles and a small sample of algae and it will grow really well.
    Also i hope the reason for growing algae is just a bad joke


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I can't seem to find any algae near my house, nor a air pump, or a bamboo fertilizer. But I can find  top soil, a skewr, a popbottle, and a water supply. And most of the resons for growing algae aren't.
    The ones that where ment as a joke are:
    Exsploding it
    Making Algae men
    Making nuclear bombs

    Also, this stuff is fun in high qaunities, its like playdough if mixed with stuff.