Introduction: Popbottle Algae!

Growing algae in popbottles is quite easy, and requires no skill. There are quite a few reasons for growing algae such as:
~Throwing at people
~Wearing it as a hat
~Expsploding it
~Chew it like gum
~Creating nuclear bombs with it
~Mutating it
~Making algae men
~Conversation Starter
~Green Water
~Confused Cats
~Recycling a water bottle
~Making Fuel
~Making Oil
~A gift for your friend
~Fish Food
~Faux Bacon
~Faux Meat
~To-fo Substatute

Step 1: Materials

Here are some materials your going to need, and you most likely have:
1. A Popbottle
2. Wooden Sticks or pepples
3. Water
4. Soil (Optionel)
5. A Popbottle's lid

Step 2: Setup

Fill the bottle with water, place the wooden stick in, poke a hole about a inch over the water level, and screw on the cap and put it by a window sill. Thats it :D!

Step 3: Final Product!

Eventually, these bottles will turn green eventually, loaded with algae!

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