Introduction: Popeye the Sailor Man (materials)

1. Blue pants
2. Long sleeve black t-shirt
(*I found a pair of little girls blue pants on the clearance rack at Walmart for $2 for the pants.  The shirt is a plain black long sleeve t-shirt from Walmart.)
3. Felt (red, blue, yellow, green & black)
4. Black ribbon
5. Sailor's hat
6. Old paint can or other large can
7. Black foam letters
8. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
9. scissors
10. old pair of tights
11. small piece of rope
12. small amount of quilt batting or any other kind of stuffing

Step 1: Instructions (cutting)

1. Cut 3 small yellow circles for the buttons
2. Cut out the collar using red felt.  (*See the image for the shape that needs to be cut.)
3. Cut blue strips of felt for cuffs on shirt & pants.
4. Cut the feet area out and a small hole in the bottom (crotch) area of tights.
5. If using a long sleeve shirt, cut the sleeves down to look like a short sleeve shirt.
6. Cut yellow strip of felt long enough for the belt.  (* I used several short strips & attached them together.)
7. Cut strip of green felt for label on spinach can.
8. Cut smaller piece of yellow felt for label on spinach can.
9. Find a uppercase letter "I" in the foam letters & cut down to look like an anchor, for the tattoos.
10. Cut strips of black ribbon long enough to make a border around the edge of red felt collar.
11. Cut 2 strips of quilt batting long enough to wrap around forearms for muscles.
12. Cut one small square of red felt for belt buckle.
13. Cut several small pieces of green and black felt to look like spinach leaves.

Step 2: Instructions (hot-glue)

1. Glue the black ribbon around the border of red felt collar.
2. Glue the 3 yellow felt buttons down the front of the shirt.
3. Glue the blue felt cuffs on the sleeves and bottom of pants.
4. Glue the yellow strips around the waist of pants for belt.
5. Glue the red felt square to the front of the pants, over the yellow felt, for the belt buckle.
6. After the can has been spray painted, glue the green strip around the paint can for the label.
7. Center the smaller yellow strip of felt on the can & glue over the green strip, for can label.
8. Glue "SPINACH" letters on outside of can for the label.
9. Glue the anchor "tattoos" onto the outside of tights, on forearms.
10. Glue the green and black "leaves" onto the top inside rim of can.

Step 3: Spinach Can, Muscles & Finishing Touches

**Spray paint can & once dry attach label...then proceed with the following steps.

1. Poke a small hole on both sides of the can near the top.
2. Insert rope on both sides and tie in knot on the inside to make handle.


1. Wrap the strips of quilt batting around the forearms and slide under the tights.
2. Tuck the loose ends (feet area) of tights under the batting.

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