Introduction: Popsicle Desk Lamp

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Do you need to shed some light on your desk?...

Well, wait No more because it has arrived the all new!, Popsicle Desk Lamp!

Now Let's get it Started!.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Well, this project is for recycling for trusty ol' Emergency Light!.

You will use your old Emergency Light and we'll recycle it and re-purpose into something new.

So This desklamp is in need of the ff.:

Emergency Light ( Battery Damage, Shorted, Busted, any kind of damage of the lamp)

Some old 5V battery charger ( from an old cellphone charger)

19 pcs. Popsicle Sticks

14 pcs. Thumb Tacks

White Glue


Electrical Tape.

Now let's get Recycling!

Step 2: First Things First!

So the first thing you need to do is to open the damage emergency lamp.

You need to unscrew it and find this thing, its an array of LED's.

You can salvage any materials from the old emergency lamp,

from switch, battery, LED's to any thing that's not badly damage.

Note: You will see that there are wired already so you mustn't cut out it's wires.

Step 3: Attach the Circuitry!

Attach the LED array on to the positive and negative terminals of the 5V battery charger.

follow the schematic diagram given, it's a simple connection without the need for soldering.

just tape it over using the electrical tape.

check the connections and if it lights up then you're good to go!

Step 4: Now Let's Color the Materials

You need to color the materials,

you can use whatever color you want you can spray paint it too.

I used Marker to make it black and for easy coloring.

you will color the Popsicle sticks, and the Thumb Tacks.

Step 5: How to Make the Lamp!

Now cut out the 19 pcs. Popsicle sticks like shown

now place the popsicle sticks like the figure above and insert tacks in it like shown,

the popsicle stick to where the LED will be place facing downwards.

Just follow everything on top, I've provided some images to help you all out.

Step 6: Now You Have a Movable Desk Lamp Figure

But in order to straighten it all up you must use another popsicle stick and cut it in 1", to make the desk figure stand.

Step 7: FUUUUuuuSION! HAH!

So let's combine the Armature and the LED array.

First thing you need to do is connect the LED array to the Desklamp figure using 2 Thumb tacks,

You will see that there are holes already in the LED circuit where the screws are.

Now tack it all it up.

Second thing you need to do is the wirings, on the backside of the Desk lamp tape up the wires with electrical tape

in order to conceal the wires, your figure is black and electrical tape is also black so no one will notice the difference

tape it all down below the desk lamp.

To conceal is the deal.

Now onto the next task!

Step 8: Light It!

Now check back the connections again.

if it lit up then You have now a Popsicle Desk Lamp!



now you can have a cool new way to lighten things up!.


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