Introduction: Final Effect in June :-)

The picture shows the garden on wheels as a final effect.

Step 1: Portable Garden on Wheels

Because at our patio we don't have enough sun and we want a garden I came up with the idea of a portable garden on wheels. The project started in February. I also didn't want to spend too much money, since our income is limited.

I decided to use some old scaffold parts that were lying around. The picture shows the beginning of the process. We didn't want the garden to be too big, so I made it 57" (145 cm) long and 31" (~ 80 cm) wide. I cut the scaffold and bought 4 planks 1" x 8" x 10'. I don't have a welder so everything is hooked up by screws and bolts. The construction is sturdy enough for the soil and water in it. The bottom is cover by a tarp with 8 small holes made by the screwdriver for draining purposes. The canopy is to protect the plants ( mostly tomatoes ) from the heavy rain. It can also protect the plants from the wind. I added a shaft to be able to move the garden where the sun is.

There are three layers which are filling the box. The first layer is broken branches. The second is partly deteriorated leaves. The final is a top soil. Plants which I have seeded already at home are growing fast. We will have: thyme, oregano, onion, cucumber, parsley, 4 different peppers, sage, tomatoes, basil, marjoram, rosemary, dill and mint.

Step 2: Pipes Cover the Bottom

Step 3: Tarp With Small Holes for Draining Purposes (holes Are Not Visible Here)

Step 4: The Shaft, Canopy and Tools

Step 5: Finished Project

Step 6: First Layer - Branches

Step 7: Second Layer - Deteriorating Leaves

Step 8: Final Layer - Top Soil

Step 9: Tools