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Introduction: Portable Wine Stand

About: Architecture post graduate.

A portable wine stand for those picnics on the beach or in the forest. Folds up to be easily stored and carried. Secure it into any soft surface such as sand or grass where it will hold your wine bottle and glass perfectly.

Tools you'll need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Hole saw kit (optional)
  • Hacksaw / Angle grinder
  • Router (optional)
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Printer

Materials you'll need:

Sourced from local hardware store

  • Pine 297 x 420 x 18mm
  • Sandpaper: 60 & 100 grit
  • Paper glue stick (optional)
  • Wood screws: 4
  • Bolt (not fully threaded) and nut: 8 x 80mm
  • Washers: 4 x 8mm
  • Thread bar: 10mm
  • Wood glue
  • Wood stain and sealer

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

  1. Print the pdf template - there is an A4 and A3 version
  2. Use paper glue to secure the template onto the wood.
  3. Secure the wood to a solid surface using clamps - for support when cutting/drilling

Now that the wood is secure, time to start cutting:

Top piece:

  1. Start by cutting the inner hole first.
  2. If you do not have a hole saw kit, drill pilot holes and then use a jigsaw to cut out the shapes.
  3. Once the inner holes are cut, cut out the outline of the circle.

Stand & supports:

  1. Drill the two 8mm holes for the bolt.
  2. Use a jigsaw to cut out the templates.

Step 2: Routing & Sanding

For this step you can either use a router (if you have one) or do it manually with sandpaper.


  • Round over bit R1/4"
  • Route all the edges (top and bottom) for the table top and the leg stand.


  • 60 grit: sand all faces to clean up imperfections.
  • 100 grit: sand all faces for smooth finish. (to be done post sealing and staining)


Sandpaper ONLY:

  • 60 grit: round all edges (top and bottom) for the table top and the leg stand.
  • 60 grit: sand all faces to clean up imperfections.
  • 100 grit: sand all faces for smooth finish. (to be done post sealing and staining)

Step 3: Staining (optional) and Sealing

For this process i used an opal wood stainer bought at my local hardware store along with an marine exterior matt clear sealer.

This process can be done once the wine holder is completely assembled.

You can choose your own colour to stain or not to stain - your personal preference.

  1. Sanding - 60 grit (done in step 2)
  2. Mixing the stainer and sealer - ratio specified on the sealer/stainer you purchased from the hardware store.
  3. Apply 2 - 3 coats depending on your colour goals - drying time between each coat specified on tin.
  4. Sanding - 100 grit (to get desired look and get rid of any blemishes.

Step 4: Inserting the Thread Bar

  • Pour wood glue into the drilled hole (9mm).
  • Secure the leg stand with clamps
  • Use pliers to screw the thread bar into the drilled hole.
  • Alternatively you can secure the thread bar into a vice - then screw the leg stand onto the thread bar. (whatever works best for you)

Caution: Be careful to not apply too much pressure when as the wood could split.

Step 5: Mounting the Leg

  1. Line up the connections as shown in image.
  2. Make sure there is enough space between them to allow the leg and washers to be placed.
  3. Drill pilot holes for the screws to be inserted.
  4. Screw the connections into the table top in their positions.
  5. Use a pencil to determine where to drill the hole in the leg for the bolt to pass through.
  6. Place the washers on the inside and outside of the connections.
  7. Bolt the leg into place - play with the tightness to allow movement yet still be stable.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Wine Holder.

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    4 years ago

    looks great, going to make this for my wife! Also might try and make one similar but with just the two holes (beer bottle size) and double support underneath. Will post the design of I make it, thanks for the inspiration.

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    I can think of no better way to complement a nice afternoon picnic.