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Introduction: Survival Flute

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I would like to start by admitting that this is not my idea, the original came from this website ,
After finding this I was inspired to build my own for my 10th instructable. The one that the guy made required a pvc flute that you buy from a website called laughing crow for about 20$, but I wanted to make my own flute, so instead of buying one I took some scrap pvc and made my own. I started by taking measurements, where the total length is 19 3/4in,
Then I did some research to try and figure out how I would put it together I finally decided that I would take a long piece of pvc and cut a 5 1/4in piece off of that then cut a slit one inch away from where the first cut was. Then cut and attach a connector piece that is 2 1/4in and put a piece of a dowel rod and put it In the right spot to produce sound. After that I added the survival contents and gave it again really bad A#! OD green paint job. The reason I built this is because a survival kit should be some thing that you have with you whenever you go into the wildernes, and whenever I go camping I like to bring some sort of instrument to entertain myself. If I ever were to get lost I would be happy knowing that I have this on me. building this is kind of difficult so I will try to explain everything with as much detail as I can. please vote for me, thank you.

Step 1:

The tools you will need are:
  • Drill
  • File
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Spray paint( your choice of color)
  • Paracord( 5 feet)
  • Wood beads
  • 1/2 in pvc cap
  • 20 in of 1/2 pvc pipe
  • A strip of webbing 
Survival items
  • Ferro rod
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Paper tube 
  • An assortment of hooks
  • 2 swivels
  • 5 weights 
  • 20 feet of 50 pound fishing line
  • Small knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wire
  • Floss
  • Hack saw piece
  • Cotton
  • Survival instructions
  • Button compass
  • Old CD( for signal mirror
  • Water purification tablets.

Step 2:

Start by cutting a 19 3/4in piece of 3/4in pvc pipe.

Step 3:

Take your 19in piece of pipe and cut draw a line marking the point where you will cut the pipe in two. Next draw an oval where you will chisel out the sound hole the easiest way to do this is to mark two more lines, one will be 1 1/2in away from he first line this will be drawn on the longer side, and the second line will be 1in away from the original line and will be on the shorter side.

Step 4:

After drawing the oval cut the middle line.

Step 5:

Now cut out the oval.

Step 6:

Now measure a 1in piece of pvc pipe that is 2 1/4in in length.

Step 7:

I didn't have any 1in pvc so I had to improvise and took a 3/4 piece of pvc pipe and cut a slit Down the middle so it would be able to open up and expand. Next I put a 3/4 piece of wood dowel that was a centimeter shorter than the slit I cut in the long pipe. Then I slid the connector on and put the dowel in it.

Step 8:

I secured every thing with lots of hot glue and let it dry, I used hot glue because the heat actually melts the pvc together making it very solid.

Step 9:

Next I took a cork that was the same diameter as the inside of the pipe and drilled a medium sized hole in it an slid it into the top hole of the pipe this makes it more comfortable to play and to hold some survival items inside.

Step 10:

Drill 6 holes about an inch apart with a two inch gap between the top three holes and the bottom three holes.

Step 11:

Give your flute a few coats of paint all over, make sure that there is no roughness to the paint because this could affect the sound quality. Leave a section on the bottom unpainted so the cap will be able to come off and slide on easily.

Step 12: Building the Cap and Preping the Contents.

Start by taking the drill and drill a hole in the top of the cap

Step 13:

Take the scissors and  cut two small holes in the end of the webbing then feed a 2 foot piece of paracord and poke it through the hole, take the ends of the paracord and now poke them through the bottom of the pvc cap.

Step 14:

Tie an overhand knot where the paracord comes out of the cap then slide 5 beads on to the end and tie another overhand knot.

Step 15:

Next take 9 more beads and slip them on to the end as well. At the very end of the rope tie a loop, along with at the top(this is where the knife will go).

Step 16:

Finally, on to th  survival stuff. First take your Ferro rod with the two different types of tape on it and the fishing line on it and wrap the end of the webbing on it then slide it into the end of the pipe.

Step 17:

Now take your fishing kit held In a paper tube and slide it in as well.

Step 18:

Next take you're tin foil wrapped In floss or thread with the wire and two needles, and stick it in the tube along with the water purification tablets.

Step 19:

The signal mirror(piece of old disk), the hack saw piece, and the o ring go in next.

Step 20:

Now insert the compass and the rest of the webbing into the tube, and put on the cap.

Step 21:

In the front of the pipe I put a few cotton balls and th  survival instructions that I downloaded and printed off, I got these from the website where I got the idea for this. I put everything in the top because I figured that would be the dryest place.

Step 22:

To make it easily carried I took some extra paracord I had lying around my room and made an adjustable shoulder strap so any one could wear it.

Final thoughts: I highly recommend that you put different items in your depending on the climate you live in, or if you like what I put in mine feel free to put what I put in your. Thank you for checking out my Instructable and please vote for me.

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    5 years ago

    Well done, sir.

    can you make the same thing out of wood? (bamboo or other easy to carve woods)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a really cool project. I wish you had put a little more detail in the beginning of this instructable as to why one would want a survival flute, and what functions it serves. You sort of imply that everyone should know what it is all about. You do give reference to where you got inspiration that is a plus. Overall I think this looks like a good instructable, and I think if I had a little more info it might be featured material.

    Pure Carbon
    Pure Carbon

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    oh yea, I see what you mean, I went and checked out all of your featured instructables, you must really know what you are talking about.


    8 years ago

    What's up with all the " portable " stuff. I think people will get it that it is portable

    Pure Carbon
    Pure Carbon

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I put that in the title so I could enter it in the portable work station contest. You should vote for me.


    8 years ago

    Your "survival" stuff will be safe from theft. that's for sure. When it all goes south, you'll just be enslaved, eaten or flat out killed. basically what would happen to someone prancing around with a flute now a days. But nobody will touch that flute! unless they want to beat you with it for a laugh.

    Pure Carbon
    Pure Carbon

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I would be the one doing the beating. Hahaha jk. ;D


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job.

    I especially like the shoulder strap. I've made a quiver and have been struggling with the strap part. This solves that problem perfectly!


    8 years ago

    in a survival situation you may need to signal. The Flute serves as a signaling device. and even playing music strength the moral. well done project. cool kit.

    Pure Carbon
    Pure Carbon

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you are absolutely, 100% correct thank you for the nice comment.