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This instructable is for an idea that I saw on a longboarding forum. The idea is that you can grow grass on the deck of a skateboard providing a soft surface that consumes CO2 and puts out fresh, clean Oxygen! Thats right, it is the ultimate hipster ecofreak treehugger accessory!

To start out, you need a skateboard to be your ginneapig. It can be a normal skateboard, or a longboard. The board I am using started life as a normal skateboard, but I hacked it up and turned it into a schlong board.

Step 1: Building the "Planter"

In order to contain the dirt on top of the deck, we need a short wall around the edge of the deck to make a bowl. I chose to make it out of strips of cardboard because it is soft to your feet, and widely available as a post consumer material. Make strips about a quarter of an inch thicker than the width of the deck and attach it to the sides of the board. This can be done with a staple gun.

Step 2: Fill It With Dirt!

Next step is pretty self explanatory. Fill 'er up with dirt. Find it, buy it, whatever you want. as long as it resembles ground, it'll work!

Step 3: Grass!

Now it's time to plant grass. You want to go for a very tough type of grass that will stand up to your monster feet. You can either put down seed, transplant a slab of grass, or plant patches and grow them together.
Using seeds is pretty easy. Just throw them down and water them periodically. Simple.
You can put an entire slab of grass down, which would be transplanted from another source, and that's simple enough. Put it down, and you're done.
Or, you can do what I did. I didn't have a slab of grass I wanted to get rid of, and I didn't want t buy seeds, so I decided to weed my garden beds and plant all the patches of grass on my board. Its slower, but eventually, the patches will grow and spread like weeds and soon cover my entire board.
Whatever you choose, Keep the board out in a sunny location and water it everyday.
Be patient, trim it when you need to, and enjoy your new green mode of transportation!

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