Introduction: Pot Noodle Vending Machine - Smart Phone Controlled

Summary of this Instructable:

We will make a vending machine that automatically boils water and fills up a packet of pot noodles. This project is controlled through your phone.

Difficulty Level:

Very Easy. No soldering or coding required.

You will need the following items:

1. Cardboard Box

2. Cheap Coffee Machine / Kettle

3. Belkin WeMo Mains Switch or Similar (WiFi Controlled Switch)

4. Pot / Cup Noodles

Step 1: Cut Hole + Put in Coffee Machine / Kettle

Cut Hole in Cardboard Box: Cut a square on the front of the large cardboard box, big enough to fit your pot / cup noodle packet into.

Put In Coffee Machine / Kettle: Put your coffee machine inside this hole with the front facing outwards, so you can place your cup noodles in through the cutout.

Note - Remove Filter Tray: Take out the filter tray, you don't need it.

Note - On Button: The coffee machine needs to automatically start heating water when turned on at the mains, if it doesn't try placing sticky tape over the on switch (cheap coffee machines usually start boiling right away).

Note - Hot Plate: Often coffee machines have a heating plate on them, either disable it or put a plate on top of the hot plate, otherwise you'll melt the polystyrene packaging of the noodles.

Step 2: Make It Remote Controlled

Make it Remote Controlled: Put a WiFi Remote Control Switch on the mains lead of the coffee machine. I used the "Belkin WeMo" switch - it comes with an iPhone / Android app that will allow us to remotely turn the mains switch (and therefore the coffee machine) on and off from anywhere in the world.

Step 3: Place Cup / Pot Noodles Into the Vending Machine

Place Pot Noodles: Take the lid off your pot noodles and place inside the vending machine (so the coffee machine water spout will fill up the cup of noodles when turned on).

Step 4: Turn ON Your Vending Machine

Turn ON Your Vending Machine: Open the 'WeMo' app from your iPhone or Android and press the power switch button as shown. For more advanced ways to turn on and off such a geo location or turn on when you get and email from someone, check out

Step 5: COMPLETED: Eat Delicious Noodles

You're finished: Eat those delicious noodles!!

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