Introduction: Potato Launcher Using Household Items

I decided to create this project because it is a fun idea and uses everyday household items. People can make this if they are quarantined and dying of boredom. This is a very simple project, and it is a good way to recycle materials.


  • 2 metal rulers
  • 2 cans
  • 1 can lid (optional)
  • 5 support legs (various objects and/or materials)
  • 1 plastic lid or cap (fits snuggly into can opening)
  • A potato

Step 1: Can 1 Pivot Point

Take the first can and turn it on its side. This will be the pivot point for the launcher. Put a lid on it (optional).

Step 2: Supports

Add around 5 supports: these can be made with any sturdy materials and can be various shapes. You can attach them with superglue, duct tape, or any other way you can think of.

Set this structure aside for now.

Step 3: Ruler + Ruler...

Get 2 metal rulers (wood or plastic ones could work, but they are more likely to break).

Step 4: ...+ Can

Attach the second can to the ends of the rulers. Again you can use superglue, duct tape, etc...

Step 5: Can Cap

Find a plastic (or metal) lid or cap that will fit snuggly into the can. Make sure that the lid dips down into the can, so that the potato doesn't roll off. It is also very helpful if the lid has a lip that goes over the edges of the can. Secure this with superglue.

Step 6: Combine the 2 Structures

Set the rulers with the second can onto the first can with the supports. Make sure that the can side of the rulers is shorter than the other side. There is a lot of ways to secure this position. You could use rubber bands, some sort of axis, screws, etc... But the rulers need to be mobile and able to tilt over the pivot(first can).

Step 7: POTATOS!!

Add potatoes. Launch!

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