Potato/Veggie Wash Station

Introduction: Potato/Veggie Wash Station

I decided to create the Potato/Veggie Wash Station to make the task of washing vegtebles so much easier and less time consuming. It is also easy to clean up and store. Then there is no way you will lose your scrubbies or worry that they have been used for something other than food. They are also easy to replace as needed.

Step 1: Material's Needed:

1 standard colander
Two mesh scrubbies
Two zip ties

Step 2: Attach the First Scrubby:

Feed the zip tie through a hole on the colander, going in from the outside. Make sure the ridged side of the zip tie is facing you. Put the zip tie through the mesh scrubby as shown in the picture. Pull the end of the zip tie through the second or third hole of the colander and then tie it off. Trim the extra strip of plastic off with the scissors.

Step 3: Attach the Second Scrubby:

You are basically repeating step 2. The only difference is that you want to feed the zip tie through the first scrubby before you put it through the second scrubby so that they are joined together.

Step 4: Conclusion:

You now have the finished product! Your very own Potato/Veggie Wash Station. This is so easy to make and versatile as well. It is affordable and easy to clean and replace. Like I mentioned in the beginning...no more lost or questionable uses of your veggie scrubbies!

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is an awesome idea surprised they didn't have any of them in stores already


    3 years ago

    Clever idea, and nicely presented! : )